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: Chatham 10-6

Bob Pink
10-06-2000, 01:28 PM
The am thunderstorms and the radar position of the weather front convinced me not to take the boat to Chatham this am so the wading gear was quickly loaded. Hit the sand at 06:45 with fog, cloud cover over the fog and mild WSW winds. (Also passed a high 20's# fish that was going home with an eelslinger..) Started at the first deep edge of the bowl and worked out to the point, bounded deep eels along the edges and worked larger flies out in the heart of the the current without even a bump. Met Eric out at the point as he was bemoaning his Tioga whose was stuck in freespool. He reported three fish around the 06:00 mark but nothing after that. Worked out around front of the point to the second bowl, several spinfisher folks out there as well but all fishless. Finally began to work the bar at the point as the tide ebbed but the Estey swing continued to be unchallenged. Had to pull out at 10:00 for work.
Of interest though was the general lack of bait visible ( with the exception of the 4" long silverside that was impaled on my fly during one retrieve! Biggest one I've seen)
HMMM, choices for Saturday morning?

10-06-2000, 02:43 PM
Bob -

Too bad you couldn't get to the honey hole!

Big girl: high tide at 8:29, not much swing. You said you left at 10am, my experiences would indicate: wrong spot for that tide phase. I'm still on, we'll compare notes.

The bait part was a scare though... were there birds by the time you left?