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: CCA One Fly tourney ROCKS!!!

06-19-2000, 09:44 AM
Sometimes stuff comes together and happens the way it's supposed to. We had 25 or 30 participants, a good morning's fishing in some beautiful territory, a lovely if somewhat sun-baked cookout, and raised a good chunk of change for the CCA.

[We even had regulars from all three local BBSs, as well as some folks who -- if you can believe it -- don't fish on line!]

Big fish award went to Budreski [insert exclamation of mock surprise here]. Parsons won everything in the lure division, but only because Scruffy was too shy to mention her 27" lure-caught fish. [Scruffy is Rocky's significant smother.]

Here's the lay of the land to whet your appetites for next year: Most people came to the sign in at the Driftway. Rocky phoned in his sign-in from Boston Harbor, and Mike Figlioli and Jeff Smith did the same from Plymouth. The guys who knew their way around went out and proved it [Paul Donahugh and Tom Kelly, fishing a relatively secret spot, racked up the biggest numbers with Paul's 43 fish taking the prize].

The guys who had travelled and didn't know where to start -- notably Tim St. Laurent all the way from Narragansett -- got shuttle service on the Brynna II, which is to say that I brought him and Roop and Parsons out to the spit and moved them around as the day progressed.

Pretty nearly everyone caught fish, mostly in the low single digits. It was a dawn low, so the tide was incoming for the whole morning. The weather was windy, but warm and sunny. The area is of course gorgeous.

Everyone got to meet everyone else, along with wifelets and kidlets, at the cookout. We did some bucket raffles for prizes donated by our lovely sponsors. We handed out award certificates. I'll let Adam explain how he won "Most Pathetic".

And we signed up eleven new CCA members and raised several hundred dollars on top of that. It's as good a Saturday morning as I'd want to spend.

06-19-2000, 06:07 PM
Mikes right, it was a good time finally fishing in my own backyard.

My thanks to Mike for his generosity in ferrying us around, getting us into fish and for the beverage delivery service.

Big Pete did a great job putting it all together.

My goal is to get the wife into the tourney next year and maybe even help with the organization.

Thanks again Mike.


06-19-2000, 07:07 PM
I won't have a graduation or Christening in the family next year (I hope) and you can bet I'll be there next time. Sorry I missed it, but very glad it was such a great time for those who could make it.

06-19-2000, 10:47 PM
It was my pleasure, Jeff. And there will be plenty of room for you to help organize next year's One Fly, because Pete and I are determined to rest on our laurels for a while.

And you know all that humbug that people always spout after they've done something halfway good? The stuff that always sounds like "well, I think I got more than I gave..."? Well, it's true. I had a hoot.

I basically drove around in my boat all morning having a good time. I stopped long enough to catch a couple of fish where what I was doing worked. I tried a few things that I thought might work under the conditions of the day,which didn't. And I got to show off my home waters [which I in my biased view think are beautiful] to some people who I think appreciated them.

That ain't bad.