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: Light Weight Rods 000-1 weight?

Dan Emidy
01-28-2008, 10:10 AM
I might be in th market for a really lightweight rod. It would be for winter midge fishing. All I have seen available is the Sage TXL series, a Cabelas 1 weight, and a TFO 1 weight. I think the Sage is out of my price range, I read a bad review of the Cabelas rod, and I am uncertain of the TFO rods. If anyone knows of something else in the $200 range it would be appreciated. I would also like to know where to get the ultra light weight lines.

Thanks much

01-28-2008, 11:35 AM
The only other real alternative is to build or have one built using a Forecast or Dan Craft blank in 1 or 2 wt.
The TXL is a really nice rod & worth owning in my opinion. I have been fishing with a 00wt loaner I commandeered from my friend. I liked it so much I built one this winter.

01-28-2008, 01:02 PM
I have a TFO Lefty Kreh Finesse 3wt 7'9" which I absolutely love. I don't have experience with the lighter weight rods in that series, but I have used other TFO rods and have never been disappointed with them. One thing I noticed is that their 1 weight rod is kind of short, which would make mending more of a challenge (it's somewhat hard with a 7'9" already). I recently ordered a Sage TXL 00wt, 7'10" rod so I'll report back on how it casts when I have a chance to go on a trip with it.

01-31-2008, 09:34 AM
Dan, the problem you're going to run into is that cheap rods don't really exist in the very small sizes. They're such specialty rods that none of the big guys makes one. I did a little searching and I couldn't find anything below a size 2, and even then I only found a couple of 2's. I use an Orvis Superfine 4 wt for all of my small stream fishing. It's a full flex rod so even little guys put a bend in it, but I've caught 20"+ salmon on it too. I've been considering getting something smaller but it's hard to justify when the Superfine does the job so well. You can get used Superfine rods in the $200 range and they're the best casting rods I've ever held. I'd recommend looking for one of the 1, 2 or 3 wt rods used. I'm sure you'd be very, very happy with it.

Right now there's a 2 wt up for sale auction id 140202824056 (can't post direct link since they're not a site sponsor). A 1 wt recently sold for a little over $200 (auction id 190192114932). Keep your eyes peeled and I'm sure you can get one in the $200 range.

Salmon Chaser
01-31-2008, 09:13 PM
Not to cause a ruckus;) but where the hell is the fun,, or sport in catching fish on a 0weight rod?? Either you are targeting juveniles or you are putting decent sized fish at risk by playing them too long with such light gear. My opinion is that rods should not be built below a 4 weight. I mean honestly,, a 10"-12" trout is alot of fun on a 5 weight,,, why a 0???
Salmon Chaser

02-01-2008, 01:10 PM
I dont have a stik lighter than a Ultrafine 2wt and it seems to have almost same power as my G 3wt..

My opinion is mirror image. I can lean far harder into a fish on a light weight rod with little fear of popping the knot. Faster/heavier rod means Fiddling around with kid gloves on, eats more time equaling more stress.

There are times when the fish or fly size force you into light tippet. 5X is troublesome enough on a med-quick four weight. On the other hand even I can survive a good fish on 6X with the light rod. Trust in the blank.. keep your hand on grip [carefull W/ above!] and LEAN into them, they'll come.

I spend 80% of my time trout fishing with a heavier rod but the light ones are great fun to fish and a very functional tool.

As for 00, 0, or 1wt, I have no experience with them.

02-06-2008, 01:38 AM
Not to cause a ruckus;) but where the hell is the fun,, or sport in catching fish on a 0weight rod?? Either you are targeting juveniles or you are putting decent sized fish at risk by playing them too long with such light gear. My opinion is that rods should not be built below a 4 weight. I mean honestly,, a 10"-12" trout is alot of fun on a 5 weight,,, why a 0???
Salmon Chaser

Check out Bill Byrd's website on this subject: (it's not a for-profit website, so I think it's OK to do a direct link??). He fishes ultralight (2-000wt) tackle almost exclusively. His experience is that these light rods have soft enough tips to absorb the shock a fighting fish causes a fly line that causes a fine tippet to break. Using such a rod, he points out, it is actually possible to land large fish faster than on a heavier rod, given a comparable tippet size. Overfighting a fish is definitely something to be avoided, but can happen just as easily on a heavy rod as on a light one, if the angler doesn't take sufficient care to bring the fish in quickly.

02-06-2008, 10:06 AM
I agree w/ Salmon Chaser that ultralight (<1WT) is a novelty and generally not a preferred rod . I generally opt to use my 4WT and 6WT rods for vast majority of my trout fishing. For me, the use of a 1WT is purely for reduced weight and long days on small remote waters for smaller fish. I do a lot of hiking/camping in remote locations so weight is a big concern for me...

I bought a Cabela's Clearcreek 1WT Outfit and used it for 2yrs... Was happy w/ it for 90% of the small creek hike in fishing I do here in New England... I imagine any of the cheaper blanks such as Echo, Forecast, Cabelas, etc will be comparable in this price range.

I had a bushwhacking episode and broke my low end rod... I do enough hike in fishing that I wanted to replace rod and had the budget to spend some money. Replaced it w/ a Sage TXL 1 WT which I built using a Cabela's Handle Kit... Total cost to build rod resulted in saving ~$200... So, building the drops price real quick if you have the means...I find that I can do a lot of different things w/ my Sage 1WT... Have been able to Haul out some impressive casting distance and even handled moderately weighted buggers give some bigger creek/river opportunity

In the past I have used various older Sage and Orvis model 1-2WTs which demonstrated similar casting and fish fighting muscle as the newer Sage TXL.

IMHO, Anything less than 1 WT is extreme specialty (possibly marketing)... So, unless you collect rods I'd pick a 1 or 2WT for my small stream 'pack' rod and have the ability to use it on bigger water when plans change and you are faced w/ bigger water than anticipated and don't have another rod w/ you... If you are only casting small nymphs, dries, wets then any of the low end full flex rods will do you well... If you plan to target bigger fish w/ those small flies and might want to try some bigger flies/water then look for a rod, like Sage, w/ more backbone.

02-06-2008, 10:10 PM
just my experience, but i belong to a lil fish club on a 3 acre pond called malden anglers in massachusetts. we fish from casting docks around the pond and we can all see each other fish. we stock catch and release brookies browns and bows from 11-18 inches. Having fished my txl 00 sage there i can honestly say rarely do i take any longer to land and release a fish compared to the guys swinging bamboo and graphite 5w's. We fish midges mostly on 5-7x tippet. i play my fish quickly and perhaps pop a few off during the release as no nets allowed. its a sweet rod for this endeavor and i think its how you play the stick that matters. i put it to em in the butt and its great fun to dry fly with this rod. no observed higher stress compared to others fishing. the worst i think is others who marvel and prolong the fight with tip play im my opinion. my 2cents. i love this lil rod. was thinking of lining up this year to practice my single hand spey.

Salmon Chaser
02-06-2008, 10:41 PM
99% of the guys i guide with a 5wt or under have the mentality that a fish,, regardless of species or weight,, must be played cautiously. You and i both know that the masses play fish to death when they hook up with a 4 or 5 weight and under.
I see local guys targeting Grilse,, or worse,, MSW fish on my home rivers with three weights and have personally witnessed 1/2 hour(or more) fights!!!!
Needless to say that those individuals and myself are not friendly!
I know some of you are good with small rods,, and care about the fish you hook,, but we are a small minority and it is the 1000 lurkers who haven't a clue that I have to deal with on stream with a near dead salmon because they are scared of breaking tippet or rod:devil:
Salmon Chaser