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: New request for Newfoundland suggestions

01-22-2008, 08:43 AM
Ok, I posted in the earlier thread on Newfoundland, but I have some more specific questions here....

After tossing around several possible destinations (including N shore of St. Lawrence, Anticosti, and several other east coast provinces), my wife and I have settled on doing a trip to Newfoundland this year.

We'll probably fly since it is a long drive from Toronto, so that'll mean leaving the bulk of our camping gear behind, in turn meaning that we'll stay at B&B's, cottages, etc. We'll rent a car of course. We can fly into Deer Lake from Toronto.

We're more interested in the western/northern portion of the island, mostly for the scenery and hiking. We will head over to St. Johns for a few days, but will spend the bulk of our time in the central, western and northern parts of the island. I can't fish every day during the trip (my wife is neutral to fishing at best, but she does let me wet a line when we're traveling whenever there's the opportunity).

We have two whole weeks there, and we're open to do it essentially at any point in July, August or September - essentially I have free reign to pick the date.

So my questions are thus:
1) What's a good time to go? I HATE fishing in crowds, so I'm willing to forgo absolute peak runs for a little peace and quiet. My idea of a nightmare is the scenes I've seen in pictures on the lower Humber, the Exploits, etc. That said, if there are places that don't receive a lot of pressure during the peaks, I'm interested. I hear that the Upper Humber can be ok with less pressure...

2) Watershed suggestions? Grisle are ok, but I would like a decent chance at a couple of MSW fish. I'm totally C&R.

3) Any chance of finding some brook trout and landlocks while I'm out there? I understand that there's lot's of ouananiche in the interior.

4) I'm all ears for places to stay, guides, etc.

Sorry for opening another thread on Newfoundland, but I thought that since my questions were a little different and specific from the earlier thread, I might get more response this way.

01-23-2008, 07:43 AM
Go here If you need more advise,call or email Keith Piersley that runs this superb site .
There's a ton of info on the area you're interested in .LOts to see, an' ya might just end up with VERY little time for yer fishing :Eyecrazy:

01-23-2008, 10:38 AM
I would suggest last week of june first week of july for best fishing. My favorite fishing is about mid june but it can be hit or miss depending on water conditions. Northern Peninsula offers some excellent sea run brook trout fishing, particularly portland creek and river of ponds. Theres cabins right next to the river in these locations, a selection of guides posted at front desk. Theres alot of brook trout & oananiche water around Deer Lake/ Corner Brook. Best area is Grand Lake watershed, which is approx 150 kms long. You can easily find good guides to put you into some good fish here. In central, theres some of the island`s best interior fishing in the Millertown area. Red Indian Lake, Grand Lake Malpeeg, these areas have very little fishing pressure and an abundance of fish. I`ve spent very little time fishing here but theres some good info on Along the way just talk to some locals in smaller coastal communities. You`d be surprised at where you can find a hotspot for good sea trout fishing. The best times though tend to either be early(June) or late( end of august till first week of sept). That goes for the salmon & the brookies. Hope this helps.