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: Ocean Tracking

01-18-2008, 03:26 PM
The current issue of the Atlantic Salmon Journal has an article on the program and technology aimed at understanding the little understood migration patterns of animals specifically in this article with regard to Atlantic Salmon. One important goal is to help determine why the death rate of salmon at sea is roughly twice what it was in the 70s. This amazing electronic tracking technology is being established both in the Atlantic and the Pacific to track all sorts of fish and animals.


A dozen years ago, I inserted thumb sized radio transmitters into steelhead gullets in Kamchatka and that gave us some important, but limited, local information. The new technology is pretty amazing. Smolts are implanted with transmitters roughly the size of a peanut and huge lines of listening devices are planted on the ocean floor. The technology enables much more data to be gathered (time, position, temperature, sped, depth, light levels, etc). Great stuff.

01-19-2008, 05:22 AM
As long as this information NEVER reaches the hands of commercial interests it's a good idea.

Open seas netting is a demonstrated cause of population declines, per the Orri Vigfussen case in Greenland and the current pacific northwest evidence correlating netting closures with high returns.

It's indiscriminate to strains and origins as well, meaning there is no way to tell which populations you are sucking up from the sea out there.

Open seas salmon and steelhead netting should be completely banned IMHO.