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05-01-2000, 11:29 AM
With thanks to my wife for the birthday present, I was fortunate enough to attend George Roberts and Sheila Hassan's Advanced Saltwater Casting Clinic this weekend. I do not consider myself an advanced caster; I'm capable at best. I feel that yesterday I obtained the skills that will help me to eventually approach almost any casting situation with confidence.

We had an interesting combination of attendees ranging from the owner of a lodge in Iceland to a second year saltwater fly fisherman. George has committed himself to analyzing and identifying each aspect of a cast and it's effect on increasing one's casting ability. We started out focusing on our grip and finished the day double hauling. The day was spent examining and practicing each of the basic components of the cast that when put together produces a more energy efficient and effective cast.

A key element is practicing each of the components of the cast. Something that I had not really thought was necessary until yesterday afternoon. Still recovering from using casting muscles I haven't used since Thanksgiving, I spent some time just working on my back cast, moved into using the drift on my back cast and eventually finished with double-hauling and completing the cast. There was a marked improvement in my casting from the day before.

George & Sheila possess the ability to identify the weak points of your cast, keep you at ease as they help you correct it and manage to make a day of lawn casting vs. fishing an entertaining and educational day. I would strongly recommend a seminar or lesson to anyone, regardless of his or her ability.

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05-01-2000, 03:42 PM
I saw George Robert's seminar at the Malbrough fly show this winter. At the end they gave out copies of his 25 page article "Essentials of Distance Fly Casting," which originally appeared as a 4 part article in "On the Water" magazine. This article described George's technique & had an excellent section at the end that had drills & exercises to do for each part of the cast. I used this article to practice this winter into early spring & it really helped. I'd say my casting distance has gone up ~30%. I would bet that the Class from George would be very good, he explains things in very understandable ways. I've also heard that his videos are excellent.