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: Rod Tube Humidors

01-10-2008, 09:49 AM
I had a bunch of these made up last summer, and I wound up with about 10 extras. I'm looking for $25 each, plus shipping.

The Tubes are 3" x 9" - most are the colors shown, but I do have a couple of black powder coat and a couple of green powder coated.

This isn't a business for me, I just overestimated the number of guys that were going to come through when I placed the order. At this point I'm just trying to recoup the initial investment.

Tubes have a rubber gasket on the lid, so they're airtight. I've found that a small piece of spanish cedar (from an old cigar box) inside the tube works great as a humidifier - just douse it with water as needed. The airtight seal means that most commercial humidifiers quickly oversaturate the air in the tube.