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: Great price on Albright rods

01-04-2008, 08:15 PM
All right all right, don't beat me up about this! I know this is a flyfishing site but I also know some of you cross over to the dark side. So if anybody's interested, I found somebody selling Albright EXS travel spinning and casting rods (including surf casting) for 50% off. These rods are similar in performance to the St Croix Tidemaster rods, which if you have one you know they are the best of the best. The rods all come with cordura tubes.

They're not a site sponsor so you'll have to PM me for info. The rods normally retail for $225 ($295 for surf casting) so they're $112.50 ($147.50 for surf casting) plus a flat $10 shipping. The guy told me this morning they still had every model in stock. I have no affiliation with them. I just found them via Google when I lost an auction on eBay for one of these rods. I also have no previous purchase experience with them, but sometimes you just get a great vibe from people over the phone and the guy (it was the owner) really just seems like a good guy.

I ended up getting two new rods, a 7'6 8/17 lb test rod and a 8'1 10/20 lb test rod, both spinning. They'll ride shotgun in my new yak next to my 2 fly rods (well soon to be 2 once I decide what to buy for the 2nd rod!) and my Tidemaster. Wait a second, I think I just realized I have two Tidemasters already. I think my rod collection might be getting too big for my own good...