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: David Swanson: Saab's Salmon and Spey rods

Salmon Chaser
01-03-2008, 09:30 PM
Anyone care to offer their thoughts on this book? Been dragging my heels on picking this one up even though it's high on the list to acquire.
Salmon Chaser

01-14-2008, 08:48 PM
Hi Dwayne, Jim (Bugman) Corrigan here. Sorry about the slow response - I was busy and I needed to look at the book again to refresh my memory.

I read this title quite a while ago, and fairly early on in what has become an obsession to read most of the Atlantic salmon literature that I can get my hands on. I didn't have any remarkable memories of this book, which may say something in itself.

The Meadow Run Press edition (I think it is the only one) is very sumptuous. The book comes in a snazzy box and everything about the look and feel of the package is first rate. There are some very nice photos in the centre of the book - the author is a professional photographer.

The story?? From my point of view, it's a little too heavy on Saabs (and bars, travel and other non-fishing stuff) and a little too light on salmon fishing. Of course, this is a matter of taste. It is a lyrical travelogue about fishing and living in Scandanavia over the course of a multi-week trip. It reads a bit like James Prosek's books, but I don't remember being swept away by the stories in 'Salmon, Saabs etc.' to the degree that Prosek got me.

I'd think that a collector would want to own/read it, but I wouldn't be trading my shelf space for titles by Dana Lamb, Shirley Woods (or a number of others) to get it.

To be fair, I might like it more on a re-read, but I've got a mild eternity of unread salmon books still ahead of me. Give it a go and tell me what you think.


Salmon Chaser
01-14-2008, 11:24 PM
Very cool response Jim and thank you!! Spoken ike a true salmon man! I can sooo relate to the "need" to acquire and read as much salmon literature as one can. Hope you are wintering well and thanks again for a very nice response.
Best regards
aka Salmon Chaser