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12-19-2007, 03:47 PM
A few people have been asking for tying instructions for a string leach so I decided to take a crack at it and do a tutorial on how I tie them. Keep in mind that this is not the only way and there are other good ways to tie them, but this is the one that I like to do.

Start by cutting a strip of rabbit fir to a length of about an inch shorter than you want the fly to be. In this case about 5 inches. I like to use magnum cut rabbit strips since they are a bit fuller than the regular ones and we are tying a rather large fly. (

Next, secure a small section of micro tubing in your vice. Split the rabbit fir on the strip approximately one and one half inches from the front of the strip, lay it on top of the tube and tie it down. Secure the thread with a whip finish and apply some head cement. ( (

Remove the tube from the vise and trim the tube on both sides close to the tie in point. (

Repeat this process about one and one half inches from the first tube. (

Next, snell a hook to about ten inches of some dark colored line. In this case I used an octopus hook and 50lb. gel spun line. (

Thread the line through the tubes on the rabbit strip. (

Next, rotate the head of your vise about 90 degrees and secure a Waddington shank in your vise (I like to use the 20mm size for this type of fly). Secure the turned down eye of the shank in the jaws of the vise. ( (

12-19-2007, 03:48 PM
Thread the line with the snelled hook through the turned down eye and secure it to the bottom of the shank with the hook extending about five inches back past the rear eye of the Waddington shank. ( (

Thread the remainder of the line through the front eye of the shank, fold it back on top of the shank, bind it down and trim off the excess. (

Next, secure the front end of the rabbit strip to the back of the Waddington shank (at this point you can tie in some type of flash if you like). (

Tie in some lead eyes to the front of the shank on the bottom side. (

Tie another rabbit fur strip to the back of the shank, wind it foreword and tie it off. ( (

At this point you can finish the head and the fly is complete. (

12-20-2007, 11:19 PM
On Time!! Very nice Charlie. This is one that I've just recently gotten into myself and have been looking at various ways to tie it. I like your method and will be trying to tie some up by your method.