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: Brewster Flats Winter Changes

07-02-2000, 09:31 AM
Recent visits to the flats reveal that there have been a few changes over the winter (no surprise).

The inside channel between the shore and the first flat has deepened. I watched 5 or 6 people take a l-o-n-g time to cross back to the beach... I presume they were on tippie toes or over the tops of their waders the way their arms were raised. It's not a treacherous channel (meaning the last one before the beach) but it is a concern for late returners.

The west-to-east channel to the left of the hole has flattened out a little bit with the distinct trench remaining on the outer bar side. The flood tide tends to run over the flat into that trench a little differently than last year, more water on the east lobe and the mini-sand bar at the tip is now replaced with a much longer one that starts further back toward shore and reaches out a greater distance.

The 'hole' has shifted with emphasis on the isolated eastern shoal and the water rushes into the eastern flat with more velocity than it did last year. In fact, fish were all over that inshore clam flat on the flood with some spotted to the 40" class. This is an interesting way to extend the fishing once the flood has pushed you off the flats.

The overall structure has stayed the same but subtle shifts have created new opportunities while erasing others. I have yet to fish it through an ebb / flood cycle but I'll post what I find out when I do (sometime soon this week).

Nate - I can't do Monday but look forward to hearing what you find out on your adventure. Let's try to hook up before you leave the cape.