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: Mid June on the Petite Cascapedia?

11-27-2007, 08:40 AM
I'm spending a week in early-ish June out on the rivers at the tip (York, St Jean and Dartmouth), and thought about fishing the Petite on my way back to Montreal. I'd be looking at around the 15th-18th of June or so. Does the Petite usually have many fish by then? I understand that it's runs are usually a little later than the rivers further east.
I've fished the Petite several times in the fall and love it (it's also totally uncrowded/empty of anglers at that time), and thought of checking it out earlier in the year.

I'm familiar with the draw system for the eastern rivers, but does the Petite run the same way? If so, I assume that I missed the draws. I guess I'd be thinking about B sector.

Thanks for any insight!

Gaspe Salmon
11-27-2007, 01:44 PM
Fontinalis -

Yup, the Petite can be good early, however, do not expect to see fish in every pool. You will have to search them out a bit. Having a canoe is the best, but if you are wading, you will be able to fish about 30% of the pools where there might be fish.

The run last year started out fairly good from the start (June 15) with about 30 or so fish in the B sector. That is actually really good for the 15th. Over the next few days we saw a bunch more fish coming in but the fishing did not really spark up until about the 23rd.

If you have any specific questions, you can PM me.

Best and good luck!