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: Boston Harbor 9-24

Bob Pink
09-24-2000, 07:18 PM
After yesterdays Chatham marathon I had planned to lay low on Sunday but the biological clock still had me up at 04:00. Hmmm, winds are down. There's no rain. Wife will be asleep until 9:00, time to get going!
Boston was the most active I've seen it all year. Left the Fore River in the pre-dawn to scout Quincy bay. As soon as there was enough light to see, there were birds working. Long Island, Rainsford, Quarentine Rocks, Peddocks made up a quadrangle of trapped bait and working fish. Topwater action on gurglers was too much fun to pass up (even though you are sure there are bigger fish lurking below..) Funny thing about the gurglers, the fish were following but not hitting until I trimmed the bucktailfrom 2" to 3/4" (just a square cut), then they'd try to hit it even as I was pulling out to cast.
Best visual;
I'm in a small cove, it's about 120' across and it's literally wall-to-wall with peanut bunker. As I drifted across with the wind I'd watch as the school would hopelessly try to avoid the wide open mouths of big bass as they passed through, just close enough to the surface to push a little water without making a splash. No airborn bait spraying, just a very efficient high-volume feeding. I'd watch to see a push of water and try (feabley) to drop my fly about 4' in front.....
The prize of the day was a beautiful 8" long fish, perfect scale model of the 24 - 29" cousins that made up most of the morning's catch.
Back to the barn at 10:30, grocery shopping by 12:00...

09-25-2000, 08:24 AM
Wow. Glad to hear they're still hitting Bob. It's amazing that as soon as you leave the Harbor and head north this action dies. I also like the shortened gurgler bit. Sounds like my sparser popper. Keep up the good reports. Things are colling off this week again.


09-25-2000, 09:11 AM
Murphy's law dictates that the fishing would be sweetest in my own back yard while I was away.

Terry, what do you think is the story with the lack of fish North of Boston? Has the Merrimack totally shut off? Is there still bait or is it all in the Harbor? Last year after hurricane Floyd, I remeber things literally just shut off in the outer harbor, like someone threw a switch...inside lasted a little longer.

I'm concerned that the fishing will just shut off here to the first big storm we get, but I guess as long as the bait is thick the fish should be here.

By the way, I fished in Texas this weekend before my buddy's wedding and instead of big ol' largemouths we were getting what the local guy said was either white bass or sand bass. to my surprise it looked a LOT like a striper--similar horizontal lines but shaped slightly more like a porgie. I suspect it is some type of hybrid...


09-25-2000, 10:15 AM

The PI beachfront was on fire Firday morning. The fall run is hit or miss though at best.

Bob Pink
09-25-2000, 12:29 PM
I was thinking of your popper last night while at the tieing bench and then the stripers banging away at the shortened gurgler. Tied up some deer hair 'poppers' with a short white marabou tail. Should be a harbor killer with these fish working on top. Hope they will survive a few cape bluefish in the next two weeks....