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08-21-2000, 09:28 AM

Looking for some advice an where to go to have the highest percentage of get into some bones, from shore. MV , RI , Lower Cape?

08-21-2000, 12:03 PM
Most recently the thick of them have been at Lackey's on Naushon in the Elizabeths; but Saturday even that was reported to be slow. Must be something funky going on with the currents and the north wind, cold nights, etc.

All of the usual hotspots on MV would be great candidates; and the stretch from Woods Hole to Falmouth lies directly on Vineyard Sound is probably the best bet right now. Although they made the northward swing to Cotuit and Wianno recenty; it seems much more likely to target the former stretch from Wacky to Woods Hole at this point until things warm up.

Most years they reach Chatham; one year they ran amok in Pleasant Bay with a herd of birds in tow. Looked like the birds were having a hard time keeping up. Last year they came into bass River over and over near the end of August up to Stage Island. Most years they do a mile diameter circle off herring river.

Stage Harbor looks good for some tunoids, we'll see.

08-21-2000, 04:16 PM

Sorry I did not respond sooner.....I am traveling and will be back on Wednesday. Here is my theroy on Bones/Albies. First, all of my fish have been caught on the Vineyard from the beaches. I have been very fortunate to have had double digit days. I have also had many, many days no fish what so ever. I have literally spent 40 days over the past 5 years chasing these fish from the beach.It can be very very frustrating.....

When I get back in town, I will give you a better response........

08-21-2000, 05:27 PM
As Juro said, Vineyard Sound is ground zero, at least right now.

Only thing I can add is that I saw real,live bonito busting for a good 30 minutes in the west end of the Canal at the Tidal Flats. The flats are wadeable and flyfishable at low tide. They usually circle around in this area off and on from now until the water gets too cold. I fished for them for an hour Sunday, but no joy. Boat traffic finally drove them away.

RI is heating up too. There were reports of quite a few within casting distance of the west wall at Jerusalem, RI this weekend. I'd try the breachways too, especially Weekapaug and Quonny. Haven't heard much on Sakonnet yet, but they are due there.

Tomorrow my plan is to hit WaCkY at 3:30 OR 4 am for bass/blues and then we'll see if any "green footballs" speed through at dawn. I'll report either here or on Jeff's board, good or bad.


08-21-2000, 05:31 PM
Frankly, the spot we fished Sat. is typically as good as any on the south cape. The key is to be there when they run the shoreline, not a reliable quest by any means... but unforgettable for sure.

When they are not running the whole soundside, it would be better to concentrate on the Falmouth to Woods Hole shore -or- go to the Vineyard... perhaps the best place to hit tunoids from shore of all the above. When they are bustin' all the way to Monomoy it's just a crap shoot like any other gamefish.

No matter where you go, there's probably no such thing as a consistent spot. Right now, go to Woods Hole or the Vineyard for sure for the best odds.


08-23-2000, 04:12 PM

Ok, I am back and can give some time to your question. Obviously, you have joined the confused wandering group of saltwater flyfishermen, who will devote their careers to catch Albies and Bones from shore. As I mentioned above, it is crap shoot to some degree. Not as much as trying to win the lottery, but tough none the less.

Here are my feelings in what you look for when trying to find a likely spot:

* Bait...pretty obvious, but sometimes folks overlook this fact.

* Rips, corners, moving water......I like a spot that has strong tidal movements and some structure. For the most part, these fish will work into the current. I know that I have seen the opposite sometimes, but it is rare. These fish need to keep moving and have moving water to be strong. Also, I believe that the fish know that this turbulent water disorients the bait and makes them an easier target. Don't overlook harbors as boats act as great spots for bait to hide. The harbor should have some good tidal flow in it. Some of the best ones have access on both ends.

* Deeper water......yup, that is right....what I mean is access to deeper water....say in the 15 to 25ft range. For some reason (security,temps, etc...) I have had the most luck with deeper water near by.

Craig, there is no easy guaranteed location for these fish. I have a few spots that are my favorite on the Vineyard. I have caught many fish from these spots but when you divide it by the number of hours I have fished there, I would be in the 1 fish to 20 hrs. ratio......One trick I have is to fish during big storms (as long as there is no lightning !) My odds seem to increase during these periods. It is not easy as casting can be a @#***! but the fish tend to be closer and there is less boats and fishermen out.

A couple of suggestions......get a cape map and mark off some of the harbors on the south side. I use the harbors to mean any body of water with any type of opening that probably has boats moored (not mandatory, though) in it. Then track down a navagational map (I know Orvis in Framingham has them) and look for depths that might set-up rips with deeper water near by to these harbors(openings)and might give good tidal flows. Get there at first light and try to find parking and start casting...try to stay near bait pods if possible and cast around them as they move thru the area. Do not get down as the fish is either feast or famine. And I mean feast if you hook one fish that day........

Let me know if there is anything else I can suggest....just be prepared to spend a lot of time on the water.......


08-23-2000, 06:02 PM
About 9:00 am this morning they were breaking not far from the boat ramp at woods hole.

08-23-2000, 06:54 PM
That's it I'm gonna go sharpen my Bunny flies (not much else I can do).
BTW, Int. line right? QD for trollers?


08-24-2000, 06:20 AM
I went to the stone pier at Woods Hole last Sunday and there were bonito within casting range several times from first light to about 11 a.m., then they disappeared. One guy hooked up while i was there, but he broke the fish off. He said they were slaying the bonito there last year. It is fly-fishable if it's not too crowded, although most of the fishermen use spinning tackle. The end of the pier usually seems to be the most productive and gives you more directions to cast, but the fish cruise up and down the east side of the pier all the time so don't hesitate to fish the whole pier. Good luck!