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: Boneclave II - the way I saw it!

09-12-2000, 07:22 PM
I hitched a ride from our island camp back to civilization aboard Tim Watt's boat, a custom 20' traditionally styled downeast vessel gliding over the placid channels from Washburn to the ramp with the big four stroke quietly puffing out smoke rings and the gentle shear of the surface film lapping the hull. The sun was setting and it painted the evening's hues over the banks, which could have been a mid-summer evening on a Maine pond for all it's calmness. With each cottage we passed, the second annual celebration of the fraternity of fly flinging tunoid chasers faded into the wake, and the two of us felt it like two hung over sophomores walking to their first Monday lecture. Quiet, but smiling. So quiet you could even see the miniscule wakes of pea bunker busily working to strengthen their fragile bodies for the vicious life that lay ahead. A life we were just leaving... full of rows of semi-clear razor teeth in neat rows and piercing eyes of hyperactive inshore raptors emerging from the depths to pound them into shreds. A tough life indeed.

6 Billion of our own species wander through their everyday lives facing human challenges. Although every life is considered short, we're given a fair shot at making something stick in our memories over the 30,000 or so sunrises we have the option to witness. As I backtrack through the hours and days that made up the Boneclave, I think of the laughs at camp, the food, the generosity of those who piloted our adventure and the feeling of being alive... really alive.

"Alive" is running the raucous Woods Hole with Josko, his two fabulous kids and Terry Weir, then pulling up by boat for lunch at the Fish Monger restaurant. It's also clave eats that were second to none, thanks to Bob Parsons, Sully, Al, and all others who helped make that so. It's hooking up on two spanish mackerel on the same cast - my FIRST cast... care of a very adept Capt. Ruben Perez. And it all started before we even wet a line when we hailed Steve Moore on his charter on the starting seconds of the clave... how we picked up the crackly remote sound of Steve Moore's voice on the radio leading us east - which turned out to be the defining moment for our success throughout the clave. We found ourselves saying "who lives as good as this!" frequently throughout the clave. Without a doubt such times will never leave our memories, not in a lifetime.

I look forward to sharing the images and anecdotes from the defining conclave of the year with all of you over the days to comein the Boneclave '2000 Journal.

Clave on!


i'm so outta here
09-12-2000, 07:55 PM
<blockquote><hr><i>I fish because I have to.
Because without the hard steady pull of line and the spray of tail
I wither in an office, six days a week, and long for some illusion that I'm alive.</i><hr></blockquote>

Sitting in Marvin's boat, close into the West side jetty. There is talk. There is my fly hanging out in the current not 20 feet from the hull. Suddenly the water boils next to my fly. Next comes the green flash of a 'noidal strafe. Then another. Then a third. I wait; I twitch. I twitch and wait for the tug that never comes. Disappointment.... mixed with awe. Witnessing the rush of life exploding before my eyes does not beat feeling it at the end of my line.... but it's a close second.

09-13-2000, 09:05 AM
That's not fair, you guys are killing me...I missed a great event!

09-13-2000, 10:41 AM
Well John - we did miss you. The message from the Consolation Clave at Chatham Light left on my voicemail by Dave Pearson made me feel less bad though...

...first fish nearly spooled him, mangled the hook. Then the one that came in measured 36"... that was sometime around 6am???

Good morning's work.

09-13-2000, 11:00 AM
Couldn't make it and also regretting it, esp. since my little piece of heaven that we rent in Chatham was an ocean of mung every day. Couldn't pull a fly or plug in without having to clean it off before every cast. Quite annoying and throught the balls and balls of bait I didn't not see one surface break the entire week. Watched guide after guide stop over there and then leave after several strips.

On the upside, I got to spend some wonderful quality time on the Mitchell River bridge catching tons of scup, fluke, small blues and some unknown very large fish that snapped my 12pound with my kids. Being at a start-up I don't get to do this much and realized how much I've been missing. Bluegills at Wachusett aren't really that bad a day after all.

09-13-2000, 11:18 AM

You certainly have a way with words...
While I certainly regret missing the clave (again)....there are few things in life I would trade for the day out on Steve Moore's boat with Dale Hubbard, last Sunday.

I have never seen so much tunoid action! That plus all the Spanish Macks...I certainly was "in heaven"!

Still a flyfishing tunoid "virgin"...but did land a couple of blues on the fly...and lost a Spanish Mack on the I did try....a little.

As for the light spin action....well...I had a blast...but I'll leave the results on the other board. still "owe" me a fishing trip. :)

Doug B.

09-13-2000, 01:00 PM
Doug -

Indeed I do, let's get it in before the year is done. Being a shore guy I can't promise your first tunoid on the fly from the beach but I have done it several times myself and could think of a place or two to bring you where your virgin reputation would be in danger of being tarnished if you know what I mean!

Alternatively the Chatham striper scene has been out of this world this year, and a keeper from shore on the fly is not at all out of the question.

What is your quest for the year? No promises but it's a great time of year to go for it.