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: Western RI 10/14/07

10-15-2007, 07:57 PM
Took a ride to Rhody on Sunday to try to supplement my salt deficiency. Had to make it a short trip but it still turned out to be one of my best days this season :D .

I arrived just after noon and headed straight to Weekapaug to check out the surf and see if anything was going on. Nothing happening there but lots of birds working the rocks at the point. I checked out the point from the overlook and it seemed like there were more birds than fish, but a lot of the birds were moving west so I went back to Weekapaug. Put the waders on and fished for a while but still no real action. There was bait and I saw a few swirls but no blitzes, and the birds that were leaving the point kept on going west and didn't hang around near the breachway, so I went west to Watch Hill. When I got to the top of the dune I immediately saw a fisherman with a blue in his hand, and a few others lined up next to the jetty. There was a nice pod of bait all along the shore and the blues were running up and down the shoreline. Within minutes I got my fly line stretched and lost my first fly while trying to land a nice blue. I was surprised that my 20# leader held up until I tried to beach the fish. Tied on a 40# fluoro leader and was ready for steady action for the rest of the afternoon :cool: . After a few blues, I headed down the beach and found some stripers, including my best of the season ~32" :D . There was an even bigger fish swimming shoulder-to-shoulder with my fish during the entire battle, right up to within a couple feet of me :whoa: . The blues showed up again right at dusk so I caught a few more as it got darker, then I went back to the car in time to catch the final 10 min of the Patriots game and the Sunday night blues show on the radio on the way home :smokin: .

The fish were right on the beach the whole time chasing 3"peanuts. There weren't always birds around and the fish were sometimes doing more swirling than splashing, but you could see the schools of fish cruising along the beach and occasionally swooping in to charge the baitfish. When the sun was bright I had more success letting the fly sink to the bottom and twitch it around a little. As it got darker I wasn't getting as many hits so I tied on a crease fly and was back in action. Just before dark, I was in ankle-deep water and fish were swimming past my feet :hihi: .

10-16-2007, 04:37 AM
I was there on Sat. and there was a pod of very fast moving fish which I thought were albies. The fish were out of casting range . A few anglers hooked up . I only had half a day but it was nice to be out. The conditions were difficult for the fly angler. So it goes with the Fall run hit or miss. FishHawk

10-16-2007, 12:55 PM
I was feeling a little under the weather on Sunday night...cough cough...:wink: So decided i would make a day to South County.....Turned out to be about my best day of the season too.

Got to Deep Hole just before 7AM, with the temp right at 39*...brrrr. Plug caster just coming back in having caught a bunch of stripers, and fish busting sporadically from there all the way to the wall in the almost glassy water.

Launched the kayak, and was tight to the first bluefish of the day in just a few minutes. Steady pick of medium to real gator sized blues all the way over to the wall, where the building west wind seemed to concentrate the bait. Best fishing was closer in to the wall, but I was trying to stay clear of the guys casting from the jetty. If you were there, I hope I did a good job (yellow kayak).

Some casting to breaking fish, but blind casting worked well too, and it was a reall hoot to see 4 or 5 real bruiser come charging at the fly right at the surface. At one point had a solid take on a submerged fly, had a few good head shakes, and started to pump and crank, only to have the real handle spring out of my hand and the drag start SCREAMMMINGG....THAT doesn't seem like a bluefish?!? Didn't SEE any tunoids.....but that definitely is my backing. One more run, and then I can clearly see the shape and color of a good sized FA....first from the kayak.

Back to the beach by 1030, and over to Charlestown to get the last of incoming, though only one striper to show for it, and then moved further west. Didn't see much going on on the rocky shoreline, so hit a long beach instead, from which busting fish and diving birds were easily seen.

Walked the length of the beach into the sun, and had a few bite-offs from the busting bluefish...then turned to walk back, and with the sun behind me it was an entirely different game....there were BIG shadows cruing through knee deep water, and the behavior and clarity were such that you could pretty easily pick out the blues from the stripers...and there were some large of each.

Not many hits, but MAN was that exciting...watching the fish turn to your fly (or run) and take.....and saw MANY more fish than that.

So finished the day with a slam, some good paddling, a great sight fishing esperience, which was a surprise given the wind.....All that and the sea air seemed to have cured my cough...though with the good weather today, I was thinking I might have a little temperature....

Still a couple weeks at least.

10-16-2007, 01:23 PM
Great reports guys, wish I had the time to head South.

10-16-2007, 05:06 PM
Still a couple weeks at least.

You guys are killin me!:(
No way I can get down there before the weekend of the 27th. I'm dyin here!
Might have to camp out down there for that weekend to catch up.:roll:

10-16-2007, 09:15 PM

We ran into some pocket blitzes of stripers around Pt. Jude this morning.
The migration as started. Bass action was over by 8:30 am.

Pulled the boat and fished Wickford. Unreal the amount of huge bluefish on the surface. Three inch peanut bunker. All you want to catch.