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: Help stop Sisqiyou county's attack on enviornment and upper sac, mcCloud,Klammath,etc

10-12-2007, 01:42 PM
PLEASE WRITE to the sisqiyou county supervisors and the sisqiyou daily news:
Michael Kobseff
(530) 918-9128

Marcia Armstrong (it's her plan)
(530) 468-2824

LaVada Erickson (she’s on our side, but isolated politically)
(530) 926-1285

Jim Cook (McCloud rep and supporter of the plan — let him know how much the town stands to lose)
(530) 459-0459

Bill Overman
(530) 842-5389

The draft proprosal covering the coveted steelhead river Klammath river, blue ribbon
trout fishery the Upper Sacramento River, and the famous McCloud River where the McCloud Rainbow and Redband are in danger! Please repost this on other boards and write to the following supervisors and the sisqiyou daily news, just copy and paste your letter to the url below. If you are a writer for a fly fishing magazine do a story on this travesty!

You can find the draft report at

Here are some highlights:
4 Siskiyou County opposes any additional designations of Wild and Scenic Rivers in the County;
5 Any significant changes to the historic distribution of Klamath Project water shall be coordinated with Siskiyou County;
6 The regulation of riparian use and impacts shall be coordinated with Siskiyou County. The County may encourage the development of voluntary riparian management plans developed in concert with local landowners, watershed councils and other organizations and agencies;
7 All rivers in Siskiyou County with the exception of the Klamath River, are recognized as non-navigable streams, with bed and banks owned as private property by adjacent landowners. The Klamath River has been declared as “navigable,” however, private property rights in mineral claims in the bed and banks are recognize

3 Siskiyou County concurs with studies that the impact of suction dredge mining on fisheries and aquatic life is temporary, localized and di minimis; Present evidence appears to indicate that the impacts of "typical" suction dredge mining operations are benign. The County will continue to work with mining interests and the scientifuc community to protect not only this economic and recreational activity, but also the other beneficial uses of the rivers and streams where the activity is conducted. This can be done through continued research, development of new methods or alternative mining practices where special circumstances make them appropriate. This should be accompanied by educational outreach to the community of miners and to those others who use rivers and creek systems with them;

2 Siskiyou County shall be consulted and may oversee formulation of plans for the recovery of all federal and state listed endangered species. Federal and state agencies must prove a species is endangered or threatened with full counts and historical data; provide substantive evidence, with full documentation, of a species' present
and historic population levels, trends in habitat extent and quality, and anthropogenic impacts on the species as outlined in the proposal to list;

2 No new Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, Roadless Areas, Wild and Scenic Rivers, National Monuments or parks shall be designated in Siskiyou County;

raditional use of grazing allotments for livestock grazing will take precedence over other competing uses;
5 Subleasing of equitable property rights shall be allowed;
6 Grazing allotments shall be used for livestock and not permanently retired into non-use;
7 Opportunities to restore “suspended” AUMs shall be facilitated at the earliest possible date by timely completion of environmental analysis;