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: BONECLAVE - Time to get goin'

08-21-2000, 05:44 PM
Date (range):

September 8-10th? (It will probably be an albie clave again) Earlier for bones, later for North Carolina clave.

Locales to consider (others welcome):

a) Watch Hill Reefs, Fishers Island Rhode Island (slam potential high, some shore access)
b) Washburn Island (if camping available, high risk at this point)
c) Vineyard w/ car rental (which you know I like from previous suggestion of same)
d) Naushon and the Elizabeths from Falmouth, lodging after Labor Day rates
e) Defer for North Carolina this winter

Venue considerations:

a) boat a must have?
b) shore worthwhile?
c) include all regional web sites?
d) lodging vs. camping?
e) get hats and shirts NOW?

Information Page:

Will work on this immediately - Al, we should talk about the feature set for the sign up.

Other considerations:

Voting page to poll interest in the choices?