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10-04-2007, 05:53 PM
Got back from Kodiak last week about two weeks early due to the sudden and totally unexpected death of a dear friend. Haven't really felt much like posting until now.

Last year on Kodiak, we had really tough fishing with only one venue really producing, that being the Olds/Kalsin estuary. Lake Rose Tead was totally dead, the Buskin fish had run early, and the American River run was really small.

This year was a definite improvement in the numbers of fish, although the catching wasn't so great (as the old, hoary joke goes). There were large numbers of Silvers in the Pasagshak below Rose Tead and the lake itself was fairly populated, but both places held lock-jawed fish. Weather conditions (they varied all over spectrum during the few days I was there), didn't seem to help.

The Olds/Kalsin system was full of fish, and I spent the majority of my time fishing there. On the ebbing tide, schools of fish -- mostly about a dozen to the school -- would come uptide constantly. Kalsin Pond had lots of fish, many of them quite dusky, and was receiving bright new recruits daily. But, same old story -- non-biters. We scratched out a few fish every day, but with the hundreds of easy targets we had, results were beyond disappointing.

The Hooknose Society (the gang of cutthroats I fish with up there) most likely will not be going back any time soon. Too far; too expensive; too few hookups. But, things might be getting better over the next few years. The destruction of the spawning area above Rose Tead has been repaired, and there's an excellent chance the fishery there will rebound, but it will take a few years, most likely.

If you're thinking of going to Kodiak, beware Budget/Rent-Heap. We had reserved a Ford Expedition sometime in July for our September trip, confirmed the reservation prior to our departure, and discovered the car gone when we got to the airport. We were lucky to scrounge up a car eventually, but many others were not so lucky. Supposedly the cause of the mix-up was the rocket launch scheduled for later in the month. The techies involved with the launch had rented everything on wheels and had filled all area hotels. Nevertheless, as the old Seinfeld show pointed out, Budget is good at taking reservations; just not good at keeping them.

The Avis lady got us a car. No one I spoke to had any problems with Avis.

I'd also like to thank Alaska Airlines publicly for its kindness in getting me home quickly.