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: boga grip?

05-24-2000, 01:00 AM
I think I read a post somewhere that boga grips are not as kind to fish as we hope. Any thoughts or places to find out more? thanks Eddie

05-24-2000, 06:50 AM
I am DOWN on bogagrips!

I avoid holding the fish out of the water as much as possible. I'll lip them only if it speeds up the release. When the fish is lipped in the traditional bubba bass way, the fish settles down - but when lipped without bending the jaw, it thrashes uncontrollably. The bogagrip lips the jaw without bending it back, allowing the fish to thrash. In combination with the lack of support the thrashing itself has got to inflict damage to a heavy fish out of water held by the tip of it's unbent lower jaw.

Therefore, if I am going to lip a striper I want to do it with my thumb and forefinger to settle it down, leaving some of the weight of the fish in the water while the hook is removed and using my other hand to support it's weight if lifted for a photo - not a metal device that allows the fish to thrash around.

If the fish is legal and it's one of the few per year you fillet, whatever but for released fish I give it <b>three thumbs down</b>.

05-24-2000, 08:23 AM
Eddie and Juro,

This is one of my pet peeves (as I have written in the past). Too many people see the fly fishing luminaries use these devices and assume that if Flip Pallot, Lefty Kreh, or Andy Mill use them, then they are okay.

The Boga just promotes the weighing of every fish, and it is just for ego IMO. The jaws are two pieces of metal that are too narrow in cross section for me - so when they come together they concentrate all the weight of the fish on one very small point. We all talk about wanting to properly handle fish to allow them the best chance to survive. So why risk screwing up the jaw musculature of a fish and possibly impair its ability to feed in the future? What did we ever do before the advent of this $115 gadget? My favorite is watching that a**hole Andy Mill have every false albacore, redfish or bonefish weighed on his fishing show - he'd be better off carrying a tape measure as he frequently overestimates the length and has to be corrected by the guide.

As someone once wrote on one of these boards with regard to striper fishing and Boga Grips - Doesn't anyone value a shredded thumb anymore after catching lots of fish - wasn't it a sign of a very good outing, almost like a badge of honor?