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Jamey McLeod
09-26-2007, 07:33 PM
SA Ultra 4 WF-11-F Gray, Tarpon taper, cast a few times, pretty good shape, on spool, in box. Very heavy delivery $15.00

Orvis Silver Label ST-11-I, The old carmel colored one, intermediate sink, 38ft I believe. New in box. Shooting head. $20.00

Orvis Sliver Label ST-11-2, Type 2 full sink, dark green, everything else the same as the line above. $20.00

Orvis ST-12-I, Same story as the 11wt, only in a 12wt. $20.00

Orvis WF-12-F, "Hy-Flote" Saltwater. White in color, looks to be SA made. $20.00

Hardy 10/11 Type 3 full sink, Steelhead Shooting head. 40ft, casts nicely on an 8/9wt 2 hander. $20.00SOLD!

All lines new in box unless otherwise stated.

Paypal accepted, shipping will be $3.00.