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: Fishing decisions; So Co RI

09-09-2007, 03:08 PM
Got up at an ungodly hour [again] to make the two hour drive to join several hundred of my closest friends to worship at the alter of the Holy Hardtail.
WAAAAY too many people acting like idiots.
WAAAAY too many bluefish nipping off flies.
WAAAAY too few albies willing to bite.

I managed to keep a positive outlook. Didn't hurt that I've had two weeks to take the edge off my cravings;) .
To keep away the skunk I tied on some wire and messed around with some yellow eyed demons. Classic surface action. Reminded me that I once actually targeted and welcomed those pesky critters.
At one point after getting my fill of bluefish I realized if I packed it in at that very moment, I could be home in time for the kick off and get a home cooked lunch to boot.
Very good call!:D
What a game! Hobbs 108 yard kick off return - NFL record!
Moss and Brady - living up to the hype!
Albies? What albies?

09-09-2007, 06:34 PM
Not to worry Mike. Retirement, if we're lucky, isn't too far ahead. All we have to do is save some $$$$$. How do we do that? Spend less time fishing and more time working. I don't think so. I drove to Chatham. Fish all over my corner!