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09-07-2007, 09:03 PM
Well fishing is all about making decisions. Make the right one and you get success the wrong one gets you the skunk.
Fished with the Mayor today and we made a decision to try new waters. We fished several lagoons which had no current and plenty of bait. We gave it a go and sure enough we were rewarded. Good size fish and many hookups.
We then decided to try the beach along with VTLoon and Bonefishmon in the afternoon. Another good decision. 4 bass and 2 blues were caught from the surf. My best day fishing the surf which I had trouble fishing in the past. The bait was small peanuts heading toward Nauset Inlet. :lildevl:
Wrong decision of the day was to sit on the port side of the boat with a SW wind blowing 30 knots on the way home. I got soaked while a Forum member was bone dry. :chuckle:
Great supper at the Squire , which is always a good decision, with VtLoon, Warren , Bonefishmon,Jim Simms and Paxton.

09-07-2007, 09:37 PM
Thanks the picture... that was the first one caught at the spot we stopped and I asked Bill to take a picture of it and I extended my arms into the camara so we laught about it...look at those huge hands.... fortunatly, right after we hooked about 20 between us with most bigger but no keepers... two nice fat ones about 25 inches.... Bill had his day also on the beach side...down from the southway closing and VTloon picked up a fat one while I had two break offs.... bueatiful beach even with the SW wind..... we then picked up blues on the way back.... wind really picked up so Keith had to do three pickups with the 18 foot Parker and we waited in shifts.... Not the Rip trip but the next best thing....One guy I met was from Alaska and opted to fish North Monomoy but the results were spotty. Nice to have Warren and Todd (VTloon) stay at Cac.... I asked Jim Simms if he could orgainize andother Rip trip for this weekend . I am not sure if I can make it, but we are hopeful the weather and wind will allow for an actual south point trip. Anyway, everyone caught fish and there were no skunks slinking around.

09-08-2007, 09:46 AM
Was a fun triip despite having to have to change location of the drop on SM and the 30 mph sustained pm wind. Bluefish provided plenty of afternoon action. Was great to have the opportunity to put some faces to the names (Tod, Warren, Larry and Arun).
Speaking of Arun (hopefully I have the spelling right).....I had an opportunity to see the masterful flies that he ties! IMHO...absolutely works of art and in addition... designed to maximize fly action. He uses a unique material, at least to me, that doesn't tangle...reflects light....colors are applied to give a realistic look to the fly....uses weight forward hooks to increase action....these flies look and swim real with next to no need for the fisherman to impart action. Arun has even came up with a formula of goop and cement thinner which he applies to the head section his bunker patterns....I be darned...they even felt real! OK....I was impressed :)
Hopefully when time permits, he will post a step by step (with pics) of the process, materials and techniques he uses.
Sad to my idiocy and in the heat of a blue fish blitz, I stupidly used the sample fly that he generously shared :( What was I thinking? :eek:

09-08-2007, 09:56 AM
Torn between the choice of leaving great fishing here at home or heading for The Elbow, I decided it was high time I hung out with some friends from far away as I have been away far too long. One of the best decisions I've ever made over the course of the years was to meet the faces on the other side we call the web.

The season would not be complete without another trip to Chatham to fish with JimS, Striblue, Fish Hawk, Paxton and a host of others. It's a big place out there. Where do we go? Who do we follow? Todd and I followed in the tracks of veteran angler Jim Simms and Warren towards the cut between N. Monomoy and the north tip of South Monomoy. The lack of structure had me wondering where the fish would be heading so Todd and I left for greener pastures back to the dropoff. The fish were there but it quickly dawned on me that one of the real reasons I came here was to fish with John and Bill so I headed over in there direction. Bill's Thomas & Thomas was bent most of the time as was John's Winston Boron. These guys are fishing machines! I could sense that John lure of the oceanside was beckoning so we headed over and walked quite a distance to get away from the mung in the corner. FishHawk described the senario well. Upon heading back to the dropoff I hooked a large blue that did a lot of dancing while the rest of the group was into a blitz on the other eide.

The Squire for dinner is always a great choice for a finish to the day. All that sun and wind can create a thirst and the second pint can lead to some gidiness. I took up John's offer for a coffee at the CAC on the way home with Bill to break said gidiness. Great to see everybody and thanks Bill for the convoy company as far as the 195 exit.

I arrived home to some excellent reports about the So. County arena. Mahi-Mahi?



09-08-2007, 01:06 PM
Back in Vermont after a great breakfast cooked by Warren's lovely and gracious wife. As I told my local fishing buddy: the temps were warm, but winds were ferocious; the fishing hard enough to be fun; the company fantastic and the beer quite drinkable...what more could you ask? It was great to put faces to names and start to feel like you knew them. Chatham still passes my acid test which is the "s---. why am I leaving" feeling upon departure.

A great time, and special thanks to John and Warren for the hospitality. To quote California's governor in one of his more cogent moments, "I'll be back"!

09-08-2007, 05:14 PM
I am glad Pam fixed you up & sent you on your way with a full belly. ( I had to get up & leave for work this morning at 0500. I left VTLoon soundly sleeping and in the capable Hands of Pam the Wife)

Like the others a good time was had despite the &^%#^*& wind:mad: I managed to get a few schoolies and a blue fish or two. I was real nice to finally meet Bonefishmon & Paxton. I really enjoyed the dinner with you fellas as well as Fishawk & Jim Simms.

John, once again thanks for your hospitality at the CAC.

Todd, it was sure nice to have your company on that ride to Chatham, man time flies when your having fun :) seems like it took no time at all to get home last night.

Hope to see many of you next week.

09-08-2007, 06:12 PM
I definitely won't be able to make next weekend, but I hope you and the crew get down to the tip and catch well. It was a great time; it will be repeated. Who knows, maybe Pam & Lynn can watch seals while we catch whatever will strike.

09-09-2007, 09:15 AM
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09-09-2007, 06:45 PM
I sincerly hope that Saturday is the day you guys get another shot. My niece is tying the knot around the time you'll be heading back to Morris Is.. I wish you all well and look forward to a detailed report.