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: North Shore Hotel/motel recommendation for easy fly fishing access

09-05-2007, 04:18 PM
Traveling to Boston Area - Oct 18 - 21st.

Looking for accomadations where I can walk out from Hotel/Motel ( in my waders, Basket & Rod) and fly fish.
After researching waterfront hotels/Motels - here are some of what I found that may fit my fishing requirements:

Having never fished this area of North Shore, need to know if I can easily fish from Breakwater/Rocks from below locations

North Shore:
-One Kimball (B & B) - Marblehead ( at Marblehead Light)
-Bass Rocks Ocean Inn - Gloucester
-Atlantis Motor Inn - Gloucester
-Gloucester by the Sea
-Twin Light manor - Gloucester
-Good Harbor Beach Inn - Gloucester

Would welcome comments, recommendations/suggestions, etc

09-05-2007, 05:49 PM
I can vouch for the Bass Rocks, Atlantic road area of Gloucester [see my post in Lefty's north shore thread below].
That is an absolutely gorgeous and very, very fishy stretch of shore line. All the hotels are right across the street from the water and all would give excellent access. In fact, there was a time when I would actually call the front desk at one of the hotels to get up to the minute surf conditions. The person at the other end would glance out the window and give me the word. True story!:hihi:
The downside is that it tends to be a high surf area making flycasting a little tricky especially if there's any south in the wind.
Mid October is borderline time wise although I'm not a good judge as I look south starting September. Big bass could be beaching themselves in Gloucester in October and I would never be the wiser. My focus is on faster fish.:wink:
BTW, you didn't mention if your business is in Boston or not. If so, FYI, give yourself LOTS of commute time. Route 128 looks like a nice straight shot on a map but in practice often looks more like a long skinny parking lot.:roll: