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: Siletz river summer run steelhead Q's

09-04-2007, 12:36 PM
My friend's family, and I took a trip up to an oldgrowth forest near the ghost town of valsets in Polk county Oregon, and took a slight trip to the begining of the siletz river, where two forks join in a deep dark pool.. This is an area that fishing is prohibited, and for good reason.. as soon as we got out of the car, a huge HUGE splash took place, then another and another..ect.. leading us all to think there were swimmers down there.. but alas, of course they were not swimmers.. They were LARGE fish.. But what fish were they? I have no idea.. From the various reports Ive read, Steelhead fishing should be slowing down, but they are in the river, and chinook salmon are making there way up.. but THese looked more like coho, or winter steelhead.. Or possibly massive src's.. Some fish were surface feeding, or apeard to be.. which confuses the hell out of me, because I know salmon dont feed on their spawning return to fresh water, and I believe steelhead dont either.. but, I have heard serun cutt's do.. but these would be HUGE searun cutts..

and if this isn't confusing enough.. basically they catapult theirselves out of the water like spawning salmon.. stay in deep slow pools like salmon, and look like steelhead..

I think we are going down river a bit today to see if we can catch one where its legal and take some pictures..

Oh, and they group together like salmon, there are probably a good 15-20 fish in that pool..

on another note.. school starts tommoro :( and im getting a 10wt custom made fenwick rod..

09-04-2007, 01:05 PM
they are wild summer steelhead, as no hatchery fish are allowed upstream of Siletz Falls. They hang around and sip bugs. Downriver, in the legal fishing zone, they'll take waked dry flies well. This area experiences a lot of poaching due to limited OSP patrols, so be on the lookout and report anyone you see fishing up there. It is closed to angling. Beautiful chunk of forest up there at Valley of the Giants, too.

09-04-2007, 01:53 PM
wow, thanks alot it is beautiful country and a beautiful bit of stream.. I believe I can say then, that my friend and I were swimming with natural steelhead :D thats awesome.

yes, there is alot of poaching, to the point of where there is a beach from people stomping around..

Thanks again, and if you have any reccomended patterns for below the falls please let me know, Ive tied up a few bombers, couple glow bugs, a bunch of various double veild egg patternts, couple skunks, and a bunch of marabou patternts such as the popsicle.

09-04-2007, 10:01 PM
my friend and I just found a short cut back to the steelhead pool, only to scare the hell out of a fool flyfisherman casting to them.. (yes, he was NOT one of us saddly:tsk_tsk: CORRECTED!! ) we stopped and asked him for directions somewhat for the hell of making him feel akward.. No cell reception, so we couldnt report him.. That pool is home to atleast 30 full size steelhead rivialing fish I have only seen in hatchery ponds.. Something that was either an early chinook, or a 3rd year steelhead was puttering around with them sipping insects.

It was beautiful.

Below the falls, zero action.. we didnt see a single steelhead, but a few nice trout followed my marabou clouser.. Im sure if we had more time I could have pulled a steelhead out of somewhere.. but alas.. another day,

09-04-2007, 10:45 PM
zimflo, there are a lot of roads leading up there, but be aware that the upper basin is closed to vehicle traffic during weekdays (since 2000 or 2001), so you might have been up there illegally. I am not interested in hashing out ANY details online, but read the signs and be careful.

And someone fishing in closed waters is not "one of us" - he is a criminal poacher. Next time write down the licence plate and call OSP when you get in cell range, it works, people are arrested every year up there by being tipped off. The OSP poacher hotline is 1-800-452-7888. Put it in your cell phone now and use it when you get in range.

09-05-2007, 06:17 PM
Thankyou for all your help, and I thought about my comment on him being one of us after I posted it.. you are very right. Next time I'll scratch down the plates..

We found another quicker way to a decent (legal) pool with a HUGE half a fish.. yes, and believe it or not it was dead..:rolleyes: totally unidentifiable other than by size because of the crawdads handi work.. but I would say its a verry large steelhead or chinook.. possibly left over from winter or spring run last year. The pool is beautiful, and only 45min from my home if you go the backway through Summit, Blodget, and Nashville(I think..) Plus its Open during the week roughly 100ft from the first boundry sign.

This is where I was casting the marabou clouser creation to little success.. but if there is a hole somewhere with a steelhead in it, its there. I think we are going to head back even if just for trout with some mayfly imatations, cherenobyl ants, nymphs, and the ever hopefull bomber (which I cant get to float well for some reason.. as soon as I skate it it sinks..)