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: Bass River & South Yarmouth Access Points

09-02-2000, 08:29 AM
As the newest resident of South Yarmouth, can anyone clue me in on access points for fishing. I have found the obvious spots, Bass River Boat Ramp, Parker River mouth at Seagull Beach.

Are there any other good access points in the area?

Many Thanks.

Jay Horton

09-02-2000, 09:09 AM
Hi Jay,
Try Highbank Rd. bridge (Wilbur PArk). Good hole for schoolies and the odd biggun. Also, Cove rd. boat ramp is good. Take Cove Rd. from Main St. on S. Dennis side.
Good Luck.


09-02-2000, 10:37 AM
Hi Jay - as soon as I get over my jealousy" border="0" align="middle"> I'd be glad to show you the list of access points I've accumulated since first fishing the area around 1973.

This is a great time of year for the mid-cape, or I should say the following two months. You'll find that "our" stretch is an active bonito and albie area despite all the attention going to the upper cape. Of course Vineyard sound is better but there aren't any inshore tuna crazies from Craigville to Monomoy to speak of; certainly not enough to dream about ramming each other.

Even in the busy Hyannis waterfront there are awesome spots where one can beat the mid-day bustle with some beautiful off hour angling around Kalmus and several much less known spots in the vicinity.

Parker's is a real hotspot in spring and fall, albeit it can be a little ho-hum this time of year (late August). Try it again at pre-dawn thru the morning when the migration starts - you'll be amaazed at the number of fish coming through and stopping to feed at the estuary outlet on the ebb.

Bass R. is another place where the cool off season waters tempt large numbers and large sized bass into the river estuaries. May and October are my favorite months; fish everywhere - but they don't stay long on their southward trip. This time of year the bonito and albies make strafing runs up with the incoming on the Veteran's launch side and circle around the flat off the tip of Stage Island. They often keep going even as far as the rte 28 bridge!

Herring R. is where I caught my first bonito on a fly. Sometimes they feed in a huge circle off the east jetty, a 3/4 mile radius of "boiling bones" and other times crowding the mouth of the river to form a wall of death on the ebb. Once again, when the herring are running up this river (big run!) very large stripers are throughout the system - even up in the freshwater basin near the ladder off Depot Rd. It's also where I caught my first large striper, about 28 pounds - on an atom popper many, many years ago. It's far from being a hotspot in the scope of things, but it has it's hotspot days in the spring and fall. From where you live, you'll probably see many days along the stub jetties from the mouth west where the fishing is as good as any you've had anywhere.

Red River is next, a jetty fishers delight. I have caught the best fish by crossing the small estuary on the east side of the last jetty and fishing off hours along the shoreline -or- just casting radially off each of the jetties when the tide gets to moving sideways a bit.

Stage and Hardings follows, after which is the famed Monomoy area, then Nauset, then the outer beaches, or you could cut north on 134 to the bayside and Brewster Flats, Bass Hole, east to Billingsgate, Jeremy Pt and Welfleet... or you could head west to Wianno, Dowses, Falmouth, Nobska, etc... YOU ARE THERE BUDDY!!!

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