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: nippers and other various tools

08-28-2007, 09:11 AM
Hey guys I got about 20 extra cebela bucks to spend right now and im placing an order. so I was thinking about buying some new nippers because Im sick of buying those cheep 7 dolar ones at local fishing shops only to get home and find out they suck. so I was looking at the fishpond aussie nippers and the streamworks nipper pluss multi tool. or do you think i should just break down and get the fishpond alluminum nippers? and does anyone use the kechum release. I know that when I went to my fly fishing semenar the guy who taught it raved about how he loves em but the high price tag realy scares me off. and i dont know what size to use for lagrer muddlers. buggers. and crayfish patterns. Mabey I should just save the final bits of cash and get a new reel because redington stoped making the one i currently have so I cant buy new spools for it. :(

Sean Scott

08-28-2007, 09:49 AM
A pair of fingernail clippers from the local drug store will do the job for a a handful and always have sharp ones ready to go. There are lots of "fly fishing accessories" that can be purchased at drug, craft and hardware stores for a fraction of the cost that work just as well. Anything with a blade edge is going to get dull no matter what it costs...