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: Hooked one as long as my leg

08-27-2007, 08:03 AM
No, wait a minute that WAS my leg!:eek:
Sorry for the disceptive title, I'm in need of sympathy and I don't get much fishing related sympathy at home.:rolleyes:
So far this season I have made two fruitless trips to the ocean to chase bonito. After the last skunking I was questioning the wisdom of a third.
So when my buddy called me Saturday afternoon and asked me if I wanted to go pike fishing on Sunday, it seemed like a no brainer.
I spent Sat night getting my gear in order, switching reels on the nine weight, tying up some steel leaders and swapping fly boxes. I was actually excited, looking forward to this excursion.
Sunday morning rolled around and I was ready and rarin to go. Normally I wouldn't expect to hear from my buddy till 10:00 AM, he's a slacker. But when 11:30 rolled around without word, I called him.
"Oh, I was gonna call you" he said. He then told me he was having trouble with his trolling motor and didn't want to go.:confused:
So we'll just paddle says I! Nope, too much like work for him.:mad:
Natuarlly it's way too late to head to the beach by now so it looks like I'm home on a Sunday. That's when I found out the inlaws were coming over.:frown:
OK, go to plan C.
I decided to head out on foot and bushwhack the banks of the pike river. The thick bankside brush and overhanging trees make fly casting impossible so it was to be a plugging operation.
Well, no pike were biting, boats and jetskies were numerous and my mood was deteriorating. Not helping was the fact that I was continuously snagging my favorite plug in tree branches. After the forth or fifth time of snagging and miraculously freeing the plug I told myself my luck was gonna run out.
Rather than turn back, what did I do? I cast clear across the river right into a fallen log on the far bank!:(
I knew my luck had run out.
I didn't think there was any chance of reclaiming the plug so I just grabbed the line and pulled intending to break the line. Instead, the plug pulled free and sailed back across the river right at me. I was wearing shorts and when the plug hit my leg, I knew without looking I had hooked a big one.:frown:
Two prong of the large trebble were deep in my calf. I took the time to verbally express my dissatisfaction with the situation before getting down to the dirty job of unhooking my catch. It was about two miles of thick brush back to the car and I wasn't walking back with that thing hanging off my leg. So I pulled the hooks out. One came pretty easy, the other took some effort. It hurt.
The worse thing about it was it took about two hours from the time I hooked myself till the time I could get some iodine on the holes. That nasty a$$ muddy water most have been running rampant in my bloodstream.:(
So anyway, I DID get my plug back, but as I'm on my feet all day, I have a constant reminder of my little mishap.
And the punch line?
I saw on another forum that the spot I would have gone to for bonito was red hot. Almost everybody hooked up. An experienced fisherman claimed it was more bonito than he had seen in the last six or seven years combined!!!!:Eyecrazy: Thanks for listening to my rant. I feel a little better, except for that throb in my leg.

08-27-2007, 12:26 PM

barbed? :eek:

08-27-2007, 12:59 PM
Yes, I'm ashamed to admit, though my flies are barbless, I have been lax in debarbing plugs. Hence the "effort" required to remove them.
I've been really making an effort to stick to flies this season but this trip was an abberation.
For what it's worth, this was my third major hooking, all of which I removed myself. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I back them out rather than push through and cut off the barb. It isn't easy and it hurts but I've found the entry hole already being traumatised, nerve endings in shock,it actually hurts less than pushing through virgin flesh. The trick is to do it insantly as soon as it happens when the nerves are still shocked and before swelling has set in. If you wait till it swells and the throbbing starts, you're gonna need novacaine.:rolleyes:

08-27-2007, 01:03 PM
Hi Mike
that sounds like punishment for reverting to the "dark arts".
Keep the faith.


08-27-2007, 01:08 PM
I had a friend lodge the rusty barbed trebles of a countdown rapala solidly in his back once and he begged me to pull it out. I pulled hard, way harder than I cared to on his insistence - but there was no way so he was taken to the hospital.

I think it was FredA who got a barbed fly in his finger at one of the boneclaves, took a doctor to remove it which is a good idea with all the intricacies of a finger's joints, tendons and ligaments etc.

My brother the eye surgeon has photos that will make a grown man pass out.

I have yet to have a barbed hook in me, knock on wood. I hope to go thru life without ever having one.

08-27-2007, 02:12 PM
when I was about 12 I tried fly fishing with a big steel rooster tail on my small spinner rod.. I was "lucky" to only catch my nose.. There was a point where I had no idea where my lure had gone.. then I felt it.. but, it wasn't barbed :D

08-27-2007, 07:50 PM
There is a definate trick to yanking a hook out. You have to push down REALLY hard on the eye of the hook to direct the angle so the barb catches less meat. When I say hard, I mean it should hurt where you're pushing on the eye.
Next you have pull on the bend with a twisting motion meant to follow the angle the hook went in, preferably with pliers. The best way to describe it is to say do exactly what you do when you are removing a particularlly difficult hook from the tough part of a striper's lip - with the addition of the pushing on the eye thing.
With a larger hook with a big barb it takes a considerable force, just as it does with a striper. It's gonna hurt for a second but in my opinion in the long run it hurts less than when an ER doctor pushes the hook on through undamaged flesh. I mean after the novacaine wears off of course. It just makes sense to me - by pushing the hook on through you double the amount of tissue damage. Seems to me with the novacaine the ER docs are callous about the amount of damage done and go with what's easiest. Don't go by me though. I have a very high pain tolerence and a very low tolerence to paying a $50.00 copay for the ER visit.:lildevl: I also hate to end a fishing trip over a little pain.:roll:
Obviously in sensitive areas or when there is any doubt of damage to tendons etc go to a doctor.
On a side note, my most serious hook injury came from a barbless hook which did not even penetrate very deep. I barely noticed at the time, happens to me all the time. Only difference was this was 85 degree Gulf of Mexico water I was fishing in and apparently I picked up a nasty microbe. Even though I cleaned it good, a few days later my finger looked like a hot dog. Took a course of heavy duty antibiotics to clear up the infection.

08-27-2007, 08:13 PM
Jesus Mike, Sounds like you did a good job of it, Glad you could get it out without paying the hefty fine at the hospital.