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: Back from the Dead

09-02-2000, 07:23 PM
Thanks for your good thoughts & positive energy! All went well. No food or dink for almost 48 hours really sucked. At least now I know why I felt crappy for about a month, so much so that I could not muster enough energy to fish !?

The week in Yarmouth was just what I needed. I felt good enough to get the boat Monday. Could not pass up on the dock that was included with the cottage. Al & I caught some blues Wednesday off Wackie (Sacconset Shoal sp?). We also chased some funny fish around, but could not hook up ?! We also made a fog-bound, no chart trip to South Monomoy on Friday, not the smartest decision. I will make a more complete post on Tuesday. But I'm looking forward to Bonz 2000. Once again Thanks. GregO.