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: Help with Obscure (?) Salmon Book

08-26-2007, 09:57 PM
Hello to all, Jim Corrigan here. I have a fairly offbeat request, and could think of no better place to find the right ‘Focus Group’ than this Forum. :eek:

I recently purchased an interesting (and probably obscure) old salmon book off Ebay ...

Title: A Sunday Salmon and Another or the Fifty Pounder
Author: Frederick Gordon
Date: Not indicated – either side of 1900 is my guess
Publisher: Digby, Long & Co., London
Theme: It looks to be a variation of the ‘romance on the water’ story. This would make it an early entry into that rare genre - soft-core Atlantic salmon porno! :hihi:

The book was advertised as being in rough shape, and it is that. On flipping through the book, I discovered that pages 33-48 are missing. Unfortunately, this means that the first two stories are incomplete (including the end of the story about the 50 pound salmon!). I got it as a reading copy and I’d rather keep the book than return it. So, I'm sending out a request to see if anybody out there can help me.

If one of you happens to have this book, would you be able to photocopy the pages missing from mine (33-48) and send them to me? I'd be pleased to cover your postage and photocopying costs. Alternatively, could somebody point me in a direction where I might be able to get copies of the missing pages? The book is far from mint condition, so I'm not worried about its resale value. I just want to read the stories!

If someone out there can help me, why don’t you send me a 'Private Message' through this Forum and we can set it up.

Thanks in advance!


08-26-2007, 10:15 PM
Library maybe? worth a shot..

08-27-2007, 08:27 PM
HMMM ... I haven't tried a Library specifically, but I'd be amazed if it was on any shelves in a public library system.

I did a bunch of web searching for the book. Interestingly, I saw my copy of the book and several enquiries from it's previous owner. She was asking if anybody was familiar with the title. She got no bites ... :frown:

Between the two of us, we've searched Google, Dogpile, Abe Books, Amazon Books ... nada.

I don't think it's any kind of 'classic.' It looks like a Harlequin romance-style book of the time, with the setting being on the river. However, I'll never know what happens to the protagonist, or the fifty pound fish, if I can't track down the missing pages. :confused:

I drew a blank with a very good American sporting book collector ... the mystery deepens!


08-28-2007, 09:40 AM

there are links to a few UK collectible angling book dealers here:

Maybe contact one of them for leads?

Good Luck!


08-30-2007, 06:25 PM
Dear macspey ... thanks for this great lead! It is a British book - I think I'll have a much better chance 'across the pond.'

Tight lines!