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: A few Winston Rods & A Couple of Reels

08-22-2007, 12:00 PM
Hello all I am selling some of dads fly fishing rods. Listed below is what I have left. If you are interested please fell free to contact me through this site or at . The prices are listed but I would be willing to negotiate.

RL Winston Rod 3 http://jaypage.com/fly%20rods/9'%2011%20wt/
-9' 11 wt XDLT 3 pc.
-HW Handle
-A6RE Seat
-Serial# 48530

RL Winston Custom http://jaypage.com/fly%20rods/Custom%20Rod/
-9' 7 wt 3 pc.
-Reel Seat Ari Hart Drilled Anodized Alum. ($150)
-Handle Butt and Trim is Stablized Burl Black Ash Dyed Olive Green.
-Handle/Butt Wrap has 2 Jungle Cockeyes On each side.
-Leather Case is included ($150)
I called charlie (the person who built this rod) and from what he was saying this is a 1 of a kind rod. He said he would charge $1400 to build this same rod. The rod was custom made by Charlie Reeding of Reedings Fly Shop on Bennett Springs here in Missouri. Also look at the ari hart reel that goes with this rod.

Custom Ari Hart Reel http://jaypage.com/fly%20rods/Ari%20Hart%20Reel/
-ATH Lake Taupo F3
-Serial # 0866

Ross Evolution Reel http://jaypage.com/fly%20rods/Ross%20Reel/
-Evo 1.5 Slate Blue