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06-07-2000, 06:08 AM
Randy Jones has graciously offered to answer questions about Monomoy (or fishing in general). Thanks Randy!

Please post your questions here and when Randy gets off the water he'll fill us in...

06-07-2000, 06:51 AM
Randy -

We're planning to do the unconventional by visiting South Island on foot. We are looking for the three dimensions it offers, as well as the originality factor - I am well aware of the rip opportunities on the tip; and the outside beach casting... but how about Powder Hole? Is there much of a flats experience on the inside lower end of South Island around Powder Hole? Is sight fishing out of the question down there?

I am thinking a light wind out of the east would be best for fishing that inside area (obviously)... any thoughts on that?


06-07-2000, 10:24 AM
I rarely go down that far. I normally just do wade trips on the N Island. I was down off the tip last week and immediately to the right of the rip at the most South Western tip is some real deep water 10 feet off the beach. This is where a lot of fish migrate next to shore on the way around. Saw 100's of seals as they live there presently. Soon they will living off of tip of South Beach.

I will get back to you on the flats question. I've put out a couple calls to some of my flats boat Capt's concerning that area.Most of them do not go that far South. They normally go as far as Middle-West side South Island.

Ill let you know as soon as I know.



06-07-2000, 11:22 AM

Can you confirm or deny the rumors of apex predators(great whites or killer whales) taking seals lately in this area.

Thanks in advance.

06-07-2000, 11:48 AM

Do you think the response Randy gives to Sully could influence us one way or another from hitting South Island !!! Maybe we just have to bring "different" flies and plenty of wire !!


06-07-2000, 12:00 PM
I wouldn't wear black neoprene waders!


06-07-2000, 12:04 PM
Hi Sully,

I've read the chat about it. I personaly dont know. Some of these guys fish a lot at night and are very protective of there spots. It may be a way to keep others away?

Just dont wade over your ankles and you should be o.k. On second thought, last year a shark was seen beaching itself going after a seal pup on South Beach.

Are you allowed to carry shot guns on S. Monomoy? while fishing?

Happy Hookin;


Jay C.
06-07-2000, 02:25 PM
Armed fly fishing ......I can see it now - Sage will come with a new rod, 9wt, 9ft and .45cal ! RPLX-treme....

Jay C.

06-08-2000, 03:55 AM
Good Mor'nin Juro,

Spoke with my good friend Flats Capt. Dave Steeves. He says there are a few very narrow strips, bars, skinny small flats. He was not sure how wadeable they are as he normally fish's from his flats boat. Current rips and is very fast and dangerous.

Im going to try to stop over Friday at Nickersons Park to say "hi"

Best Randy

06-08-2000, 06:21 AM
Randy -

First and foremost thanks for the valuable information.

I've fished the 'tip' often from boats and wished I could flyfish the deep edges from shore every time. I've seen squid and other bait explode within easy reach of the beach in those dangerous currents, and dreamed of working a big fly slow and deep in the most extreme shore access place I've seen. I know big cows cruise that edge and their wanderings bring them to the sharply cut sand bank.

I also kinda knew that (a) the flats opportunities are not comparable to northern areas and (b) the currents are very dangerous where the atlantic and nantucket sound collide. Those who are fishing both days planned on doing the traditional flats up north on Sunday.

If we (as a group) decide to do South Island, we'll have to stay up around Powder Hole and venture to fish the tip only in the soft inside eddies where fish may pull over from the fast lane.

A hazard to watch out for would be liquid sand, meaning that the current is so strong that the sand is actually suspended. Deep wading (past the shins) would be out of the question at the tip. Might be a good thing anyway in case Free Willy decides to show.

It's not easy to give up the dream of fishing as few have before, but perhaps the clave crew should consider North Monomoy / South BEACH for Saturday instead of the South Island adventure...


06-08-2000, 09:44 AM

I know Brad and I are open to either area. Either way, I think we need to do an early shuttle in order to miss some of the Saturday crowds......As far as the tip goes, is there enough room for several folks to be casting in that area at once with our dredging lines ?? Do we know if it would be worthwile to "blindcast" the length of the western side ?? I will be around most of today and hoping we can make a decision today as I am out on the river with some folks all day tomorrow........


06-08-2000, 05:50 PM
Hi Guys,

I spoke with several Capt's and they said the flats are wadeable, but they are low tide flats. You have to wade thru deep water to reach them at low.

Someone mentioned that the beach from the lighthouse around to the hole was staked off last year due to birds nesting. They were not sure if it was the same this year.

Seals or no seals I personally would go for it. Just for the experience!

I walked 2 miles out today off N. Monomoy all the way to S. Monomoy-West. Creeks were loaded on the dropping!(site fishing)ONLY GO OUT HERE IF YOU ARE WITH SOMEONE WHO KNOWS IT! Fog rolls in and you could be bye-bye.
Fish have been in the lake on the S. end of N. Monomoy for 1 1/2 weeks.(clear Int. lines w/ long flourocarbon leaders to 12 lb.) S.E. channel off N. Monomoy on the drop had good #'s fish (fast sinking lines w/ clousers) N. tip of N. Monomoy has good #'s of fish in channel and some site fishing as they leave the bowl on the N.W. corner into the channel on your tide. Normally on the drop the west side is slow. It fish's the best on the incoming.

Please!!! This is F.Y.I. ONLY. I normally do not post this detailed info. Im sure you all can understand that this is how I make my living.

Best of luck!

May see you all Friday eve, before the sharks get ya!