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: holding waters for spawning trout?

08-14-2007, 01:38 PM
One of the rivers I fish has catch and release all year round. Right now the trout are spawning (itīs winter down here). I went fishing the other day and had real trouble getting strikes in the most obvious holding waters where I usually do Ok in the summer. anyways, I did see some nice trout in a very shallow part of the river (got strikes but I wasnīt fast enough...)

My question is: since the trout arenīt feeding as much due to spawning (correct me if Iīm wrong), do the holding waters change? Do they move to some other parts of the river? if so, what kind of holding waters should I look for?

08-14-2007, 01:58 PM
I think its kind of un-ethical to fish for spawning fish.. Its similiar to fishing for spawning salmon.. (no one does it..) but I suppose if your just catch and releasing no biggy lol..

Ive always found that they move to calmer slower water, such as lakes or ponds in a river.. but other than that.. lol gluck.

08-14-2007, 02:59 PM
I tend to agree in ethics relating spawing, but as others have answered in an earlier post of mine, depends on the species and the ecological situation of the place being fished.

But while we are in the subject of ethics: taken to an extreme, fishing during regular season implies hurting the fishes lips with a hook (even unbarbed), disturbing a fish from its natural state, tiring and stressing a fish during the fight and the landing, taking a chance that the hook will go through the fishes eye or gill, all this for your personal recreation and amusement. And according to the last publications I read, a percentage of trout die after release (I think it was around 10% but I donīt remember), so C&R is not necessarly more "humane". All this activities conserning fishing could also be considered un-ethical, as it actually is for many people in anti-hunting and fishing organizations.

I personally think, since mankind has for hundreds of thousands of years bonded with wildlife and nature through hunting and fishing, that its almost a "religious" necessity, and if you do it with responsibility its very rewarding with minimal damage.

Anyways, regarding the river I fish, and supposing fishing during spawing hurts the rainbow trout species, take in account that in that river:
- its a freestone river from glaciar meltdowns, its always murky and chocolate covered except for 3 months during winter, so trout have practically no fishing pressure,
-there are no natural enemies here for trout, trout are an exotic (introduced) species (no ospreys or those big ducks you have in the north)
-since trout are an exotic species, theyīve put in extinction risk a native small catfish in that river, so many biologist here favour more fishing pressure on trout to avoid the catfishes extintion
-that river is in a very arid place in my state, it has no tributaries or connections with other rivers. Itīs pretty much a closed enviroment. Over-population and C&R in closed enviroments have produced here in my state, in cirque lakes, stunted growth and really weird looking fish.

08-14-2007, 11:14 PM
^^good points.. and I have thought about this often. but actually, I have never hooked a fish in the eye with a fly because I use small barbless flies (less dammage), and I am somewhat against grabbing them by the gill.. (has to be bad).. But anyway, have fun..