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: line and various other questions

08-09-2007, 04:14 PM
Hey guys. this is my first post so take it easy on me. Hopefully im putting this in the right place. Right now I have a 5wt and a 7wt. right now because of gass prices I am trying to fish local streams for fish. I live in Pickerington Ohio, and my local stream is the Blacklick. So first off while at my local fly shop I asked what rod i should gear up for most local fishing. and they told me that the 5wt would be fine. my 5wt Is a redington redstart2. and its still has the line that came on it when i bought the rod. So I was wanting a new line for boath rods because my 7wt is a cabelas xst that has a bonefish line on it. So i was wondering If you could tell me what a good line for my 5wt would be Im looking for a all around line. I was thinking the SA gpx line for the 5wt. But then my 7wt rod is going to be my bass/pike rod so I of course want a bass line so I was thinking either. The SA bass taper line, or my lfs suggested the rio clouser line. any comments or suggestions are welcome. But I have one more minor question. since we all care about the envirnment I wanted to find a new shot that is compleatly harmless. so far i have the egg shot and altho it is tin it still has lead content. so has anyone tried the weight puddys? Im a bit skeptical but I would love to find something thats compleatly envirnmentaly friendly.

Sean Scott

p.s. Sorry for such a long post

08-09-2007, 04:55 PM
DARKSCOPE001, welcome to the forum, Your post is not to long at all, No worries.

For line selection the SA WF trout lines are first class as are the Rio WF lines. I also like the Airflo delta taper lines.

For your 7 wt, I have not cast or used a Rio Clouser line so I cannot comment on them. I would use a bass bug taper line, they seem to work better at throwing heavy deer hair poppers & such. All the line makers make a Bass specific line. I have a Rio accelerator (trout) line on my seven wt and use it for bass fishing, the only problem I find is that it does not like to turn over heavy flies, smaller bugs it handles fine. On my 8 wt I have a Cortland Bass bug taper & it does a better job. If your gonna throw big ugly deer hair poppers I would look into a bass taper line

Nooksack Mac
08-19-2007, 03:47 PM
On this subject, here's something I've wondered about. I don't have much experience with bass bugs, pike flies, salt water Clousers, etc., inasmuch as I'm one of those snobs who tends to feel that if a fish isn't a salmonoid, it's an evolutionary mistake. But I've wondered: if you cut off the lower 25-30% of a trout line's front taper, wouldn't that easily create a line that's better for big, air-resistant flies? Wouldn't the result be very close to the dimentions (taper length and tip diameter) of a typical bass bug line?

08-19-2007, 04:14 PM
Good thought; however, cutting off a large chunk of the forward taper of a flyline will decrease its weight and consequently not load the intended rod. As an example, cutting off a portion of a 240 grains 8wt line will make it a 7 or 6wt.