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: Flies for Gaspe

08-09-2007, 07:36 AM
I will be fishing in the Gaspe area around September 15, are there any particular fly paterns that I should tie?

Which colours are best at that time of year?

Many thanks


08-09-2007, 02:39 PM

Muddlers in brown, white, black and lime, Green Machine, Green Highlander, Black Bear Green Butt, Roger's Fancy, Hairy Mary, Silver Rat, Rusty Rat, Green Cosseboom, Tiger Ghost, Blue Charm, Silver Cosseboom, Undertaker, Bombers in Brown, White, Olive and Grizzly, Magog Smelt, Pompier
and, Picasse are all good flies for the Gaspe.

Iím sure some of the other regulars will chime in with good advice.


08-10-2007, 11:34 AM
Pete I've edited Charlie's excellent list for "fall" fishing
Muddlers in brown, white, orange, Green Machine, , Black Bear Green Butt, Silver Rat size 10and 12 !!, Tiger Ghost, Blue Charm size 10 and 12 , Undertaker, Bombers in ALL Brown, White, Orange, Magog Smelt, Pompier . General Practioner in #2 LOW WATER doubles (as a matter of fact the 10's and 12's can be LW doubles) orange Allies Schrimp .Jerome Malloy also has an EXCELLENT fall Shrimp pattern that he'll add here (HEY, LEFTY !!!!!!!) Orange Trotinette's. For the REALLY SLOOOWWWWWWW waters try small (14 to 18) simple
trouty patterns on light trout hooks. If you find Salmon in this type of water cast 90deg. across stream and "work' the fly. I'll add here that at some time in the late season orange becomes the "hot " colour which doesn't produce during the summer. Water levels are VERY variable at this time of yr.(hurricane season and all that !!) All this being said, this season is really up in the air as the Gaspe has had some serious rain in the past weeks and levels are high .
PS: where ya fishin'??