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: Important R.I. D.E.M. News!

08-08-2007, 01:27 PM
RIDEM – Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Federal Aid Project has recently reviewed the policies regarding its Aquatic Resource Education Program. Meetings with concerned individuals necessitated some language changes on some important points. Both parties agree that clarification in some areas needed addressing and would benefit and improve the educational program overall.

DEM in their review of the program state:

“The findings has identified that there are areas which would benefit from improved explanations and published policies, including language which further explains State purchasing procedures. To that end, we have documented and will publish those policies and procedures while incorporating improved language to clarify information regarding the use of volunteer and vendor fishing instructors.”

“The Aquatic Resource Education Programs are federally funded program derived from the Wallop-Breaux Act – Sport Fish Restoration Fund. The goal of Rhode Island’s ARE program is to create environmental stewards and a well informed public willing to appreciate and conserve their aquatic resources The ARE program has evolved to include teacher training workshops, marine and freshwater ecology programs, in-school aquaculture programs, literature publication, and angling training for youths and families.”

What these new changes mean?

Individuals with expertise in recreational fishing, boating and hunting pursuits may discuss their personal qualifications relating to instructor status. This pertains to instructing present workshops and/or new courses developed under the auspice of DEM. Individuals may now discuss their opportunities of their particular special interest whether hunting, fishing, or related outdoor activity as new curriculum. Any new programs will have to be related and comply with existing federal guidelines.

Aquatic Resource Education Program currently runs a series of workshops in both fresh and saltwater. Existing programs feature several types of fishing at various skill levels. Some examples of new course curricula could include wire line trolling, fluking, and how to make lures, etc. Call 789-7481

Hunter education programs can be applied to this memo too. Additional workshops could contain information on shell reloading, gun maintenance, or sighting in bows/guns, etc. Direct your correspondence to hunter safety education at 782-4838 or 782-4828.

Be a volunteer or Professional

Any experienced outdoor person who meets DEM’s qualification requirements may apply as a volunteer or professional instructor at anytime. Your qualifications will be reviewed and kept on file if approved. DEM will have a posted list of minimum requirements on their web site in the near future. View the material first before forwarding. This will prevent delays in processing and undue paper work. The link to their main page is:

Some searching may be required to find the appropriate listings.

Ray Stachelek