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: Coho action pretty hot

08-07-2007, 09:06 AM
Was able to take a break while out on a business trip to Seattle this past weekend. Got to run around the other side of the sound in beautiful Bainbridge Island and surrounding areas from mouth of Hood Canal to Point no Point down toward Kingston getting into a pod of silvers here and there.

The sound is a zone between the coastal coho spots and straits I fished most over the years and the quiet steelhead rivers at higher elevations closer to the mountain peaks. Frankly I hadn't done a lot of fishing in the sound from shore and the sights and sensations were fantastic.

I hadn't forgotten how beautiful this dimension of the pacific northwest was (the sound) but it was a welcome reminder to wade around the shoreline with evergreens growing right to the edges of saltwater and bleached driftwood logs a hundred feet log laying across agate laced gravel as clean as a mountain riverbed.

The bright silver salmon would explode from the surface often enough to keep your interest going even mid-day. When hooked they would go airborne repeatedly and when landed the chrome bright contrast with their deep bluegreen backs could only be topped by the brilliant red hue of the meat of the two we kept for the grill over the weekend.

I'll post some photos shortly.

Special thanks to moderator Andre who showed me a new dimension of my former home state!

Can't wait to go back...

08-08-2007, 03:19 PM
I someday hope to get to the PNW to swing a fly in steelhead water and take in the areas beauty.