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: Matching up a 2 hander and flyline

07-24-2007, 05:23 PM
Hello Flytalkers, I think this might be my first post her so hello!

Anyway I've got a Red Fly 8wt 13' double handed rod and I'd like to matchup a good line for surf casting. Since it's overhead casting, I think the appropriate spey line will be to heavy. My regular 8 weight line won't come close to loading it so I'm curious to hear if anyone out there has matched up a good line for this type of fishing. I'm also reading about the Rio outbound lines, on a chart they have on their site, they're saying an 11wt.

Any ideas or experience, comments, whatever always welcome! - don

07-24-2007, 06:47 PM
Hello Hughz and welcome to the forum.
Hopefully Juro will see this & put in his two cents. I am new to two handers & only have the 11 foot models that are made specifically for surf casting. I have the Rio Outbound 10 Wt on my CND Atlantis 9-10 wt. mainly because that is what Juro said works best when I talked to him about it one day . I also use the same Outbound on a couple of single handers. All these rods were designed with ten wt line in mind.

The 11 Wt Rio outbound intermediate sink tip is 465 grains. On either side of that the 10 wt is 425 grain and the 12 wt is 510 grain. I am going to assume you are wanting the intermediate line for the surf. You may have to experiment some to find the right combination. That can run into some bucks if you cannot find a kind soul to borrow a line from for testing.

I found that chart you are referring to. It looks as if maybe the folks at Rio have maybe tested this out some. Or maybe took a Scientific Wild Assed Guess:D

07-24-2007, 07:05 PM
I don't know that rod but Simon Gawesworth does the ratings for Rio and what he says is gospel in my book.

Another option is to contact Redington but make sure you tell them you are talking about an overhead casting line, most likely a 38ft head if you fish surf. Most are in agreement with that length for all-around stripping, casting applications in the surf.

You can go longer and have a better feel while casting as well as line control, or you can go shorter and thus strip closer and save false casts as well as chuck bulkier flies.

07-24-2007, 07:37 PM
Warren, yes I agree that it could end up being a little expensive experimenting with all the options without some help. I might send out an invite to gather sometime when I go to the Outer Banks or Va Beach and maybe try out a few lines.

Juro, I will probably want to go longer based on the limited surf casting I've done before with my single hander 8wt but might end up with both types at some point. I will try getting some input form Redington.

Any opinions on getting some bearings on how the rod casts with a basic shooting head setup? I'm thinking of doing that so that I can switch out heads to see what works, and since they're a bit cheaper, I won't tie up too much $ with it. Thanks guys!

07-24-2007, 08:07 PM
One note -

If you have done limited surf casting then go with a 38ft head. It is the best length for all purposes. I've played with two-handed rods on the beach for over 15 years and feel that a line w/ 38ft head is the first line to have for surf flyfishing.

I doubt Redington would be able to offer much in terms of two-handed surf casting lines. However I could be wrong. I guess it depends on how long ago the rod was designed, but there just isn't a lot of surf in Colorado. Now since Sage now owns them I would ask Jerry Siems if he's tried it but again saltchuck fishing in Puget Sound and the straights does not involve surf and that stick out in the pacific northwest would be a skagit caster or summer run Spey casting tool depending on action it has, or both.

A while back Orvis was dumping 38 ft shooting heads designed by sci-angler's Bruce Richards. It was an excellent deal and still one of my favorite lines for striped bass in the surf. $20.

Running line... well that's a whole nuther story!

BTW - the Rio Outbound is a 38ft head and optimal for two-handed casting. I like the Intermediate Outbound best.

Good luck, hope this was useful.