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: Large carp + thick weeds = lost fly

07-22-2007, 03:41 PM
Fished the local carp lake today and quickly spotted a nice carp. After a few bad casts I finally dropped the fly where it needed to be and the carp ate it without hesitation. When I set the hook the carp almost jumped and then took off under some thick weeds. I was able to haul it back out the first time, but then it made another run under, through and around the weeds and popped the leader at the loop knot when I decided to clamp down on the reel to prevent the possible loss of my fly line.

While I was looking for carp I spotted a pretty good pike and took a few casts with the foam head diver. I knew I'd already spooked the fish but figured I should at least try. When I saw that it wasn't about to eat the fly, I moved the boat closer to try to get a photo. I snapped one shot (didn't come out good) and as I prepared for a second shot a nice carp decided to steal the scene. The pike is hard to see in the photo but it is perpendicular to the carp with its nose directly in front of the carp's nose.

07-22-2007, 06:20 PM
Wow, that's a good story. And a great pic.

Last week when I was fishing for carp with a mulberry fly, I used a 20 lb. test tippet, like I do for bass. My fish got into the weeds several times, but I was always able to haul backwards and get them out. The water is not very clear in that canal and the carp are not very big.

Then I tried to fish for carp in the stream adjacent to the canal, with the same setup but a different fly, with no luck whatsoever. The stream water is clear, like the water in your picture. The carp made me look bad, for sure. I'll probably have to step down the tippet size to get them to bite, but they'll break me off for sure... They are big fish in that stream...:)

07-22-2007, 10:43 PM
I looked at the pic before I read your post and didn't see the pike, but I can see it now since I know what to look for!

Good story, and nice pic!