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07-22-2007, 12:24 PM
Last year I was lucky enough to spend three week fly fishing in central and northern Japan. I fished countless small to medium streams for Yamame and Iwana Trout. I also fished on the Yukawa River for rainbow and brook trout. My findings on most streams were just what my Japanese friend's had told me; well educated fish that had been fished heavily and demanded perfect presentations. Also the strikes were lightning fast and I had to be too, in order to set the hook, which often, I wasn't. The fish were smaller than most brookies I catch in U.S. streams, but they were beautiful and very different from our trout here.
One different thing there was the licensing system, they have 47 Prefectures, but a license isn't for a prefecture, it is for a smaller region or even an individual river or stream. Also on some streams you can buy a license or you can fish without it, if the warden asks for a license and you are fishing without one, you have to purchase a "RIVER LICENSE" which costs 60% more than a regular one. This is not a penilty it's just their system in certain area. Season license's can be purchased, but many area's only have day license's available, which run from $11.00-$28.00 per day. Most river are stocked, but not by the goverment, the license group is a co-op that runs stocking and river cleanup.
The Japanese mountains are beautiful with steep slopes, for this reason there are often concrete flood control structures in the river. The river's are very clean and I saw no trash where I fished.
Japan has many fly fisherman, and many streams can be crowded, but my friend and I stayed off the beaten path, did some hiking and fished alone most of the time.
It's beautiful, just watch out for the tree leeches that fall from the branches.