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: Eleuthera Summer Vacation

Jim Miller
07-19-2007, 10:42 PM
Just back. Here's the short version.

Had a great family vacation. New diggs this year in N. Palmetto Point on the ocean. Great swimming and snorkling location. 10 sunny days with temps 85-90 and a pretty good breeze most days. Water temps 82-86 F.

Fishing: new location this year. Fished 2 hours at Ten Bay(no bones w/ hot bath like water) and 6 times at Savanna Sound. Fished SS for 3-4 hours each time. Last of the drop and first of the flood. Had the place to myself. Only on the last day did I see another flyfisher.
Had one skunk day (very windy) and one banner day of 12 bones. Averaged 6 fish per outing. No monsters... but all nice 4-6 lb fish.

Saw some truely large fish tailing but didn't get good shots at them. It was windy most of the trip and I was not doing well seeing the fish on the flats. My son caught some nice bones w/ the spinning rod on a swedish pimple and bonito lures. He blindcasted at drop offs and channels.

But here is the neat thing. I started fishing bones like I would fish Stripers at Monomoy. I found a place where the water was channeled on the flood and drop. The bones would stack up there and were very aggressive. They were NOT spooky at all. But I did do some very aggressive wading to get to this location and it was only fishable for a few hours each side of low. If I lost track of time.... it was a chest deep wade off the flat back to shore. :eek: and there were more than a few large sharks around! :whoa:

I caught these fish drifting crab and shrimp patterns with the current (like trout fishing). I also did well blind casting, where I knew they were stacked up, with small clousers and baitfish patterns.

The coolest part was that these fish were hanging in the current and moving around the flat like a trout or salmon in a river. They were not spooky and swam very close to where I was standing. I had some fish take within 10 feet of me. Great Visual! :D

Here's my thoughts about Savannah Sound:
...Beautiful place to fish
...Fish are not pressured in Summer. From other accounts, it seems it is much different in the Spring.
...Fish are in coolest water on Ocean Side
...If one is willing to wade deep and take a risk at a likely spot, it paid off in spades.

I think I got very lucky in stumbling on the spot I fished. I'm not a veteren Bonefisher... but was able to apply what I do know about fishing to other species on the flats. ;)

I'll try to post some pics in the coming days.

Now to catch up at work and try to get out and fish those Tuna you all have been hammering!

07-20-2007, 02:36 AM
Great report, please share some pics :)
Did you get a chance to shoot any pictures at the close-coming bones?
I can imagine its a great scenario...

07-20-2007, 03:38 PM
Jim, great report! Has me wanting to go now.
I take it you enjoyed your house and beach?
Did you see any permit while there? What about tarpon?

Jim Miller
07-20-2007, 04:36 PM
Hey Vince
We really enjoyed Tropical Impulse.... great house and location. Probably the best beach in that stretch. When I wasn't fishing... I was in the water swimming & snorkeling.... just a perfect situation. :)

Did not see any Tarpon or Permit. But I'm not sure if I was looking in the right places. Did see Turtles at the beach and at Savannah Sound. And some good sized grouper in the coral heads. Saw a few bones on the beach where you told me to look.

Saw lots of big ass spiders at the house as well as a scorpion visitor to our bath room. Didn't know my wife could become so unravelled....:eek: :hihi:

Send me a e-mail sometime and I'll fill you in on my explorations.

07-24-2007, 02:58 PM
Great report Jim. Looking forward to the pics.


Jim Miller
07-25-2007, 09:37 AM
Hopefully I'll have a few nice shots of fish caught.
Trying to get the pics from my son's friend, who went with us and took some shots on the flats. I didn't risk taking my nikon out there. :whoa:

Sean, please drop me a line when the tunoid fishing picks up in RI. I'm poised and ready to trailer the boat out. :D