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: Osprey fishing exhibition

07-17-2007, 03:06 PM
I had a real treat yesterday having taken the day off and decided to check out Stage Harbor inlet on the outgoing tide.

Predictably, the blues were doing a number on the adult menhaden but the best treat of all was watching five or six Ospreys working the bunker schools. I had been there the day before but the boat traffic was insane and I guess they stayed away. Yesterday was much quieter and no boats were working the channel.

The birds seemed to score about one fish every three attempts. A couple of shots were close enough to make eye contact just prior to and after the "stoop". :smokin:

Absolutely incredible. This is one occasion when I really wish I had a video camera with me.

07-17-2007, 04:20 PM
I remember as kid growing up in the 70s what a thrill it was to see an osprey. It seemed like such wild and rare exotic bird.
Now they're everywhere!
Truely one of the more dramatic success storys of wildlife conservation.
In the Bath area of Maine they are so abundunt they seem like pests. There are nests on powerline poles, light poles, telephone poles, bridges and even the occasional tree.
They do eat alot of fish! There has been a nest on my father's pond for four or five years now and the toll on the bass and panfish is unmistakable [it's a small pond].
I fished for two weeks recently and caught many less bass than normal and only one pickeral and one perch. The perch had unmistakable fresh talon marks on both sides of it's body.
I'm not complaining though. I'll give up a few bass for the chance to watch such noble birds in action.
For what it's worth, my favorite osprey action to watch is when they hunt flounder in the wash of a light surf. I still can't figure out how they can dive into a foot of water without hurting themselves!:whoa:

07-17-2007, 04:24 PM
Adrian, one of the benefits of spending time on the elbow of the Cape. Where else in the northeast tucked between two megaopolises can one find such an ecosystem not screwed up by man? Besides the acrobatics you witnessed by the ospreys, which I admire,are the gannets that dive deep into schools of tinker mackeral, sea herring and pogies. All good stuff in that locale.

Let's hope the adult bunker continue to thrive in that area. Big bait = big fish.

07-17-2007, 04:42 PM
Same situation a couple of weeks ago, no camera. Sitting on the deck of my cousins on the bass river, we watch an ospry perched on a dock piling swoop and grab a 12 to 14" snapper then circle to fly right in front of us as if to show off his catch. Very cool.