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: Ammendment 6 Issue # 3

04-26-2000, 07:14 PM
This is a hot issue. I believe it to be the future of our fishery if this is not handled with a lot of input from us. It seems the managers want to adjust the limit size to keep the economics flowing.
The arguement for a larger hooking mortality because of the larger size limit, does't seem to fit with me because I feel most fisherfolk fish a set duration, like a tide or a morning. It matters not if they put a fish in the box to take home in the beginning or at the end of their trip, they will stay and fish out he remainder of their fishing period whatever the duration may be.
Let the commercials increase their quotas if they have a clean fishery. Clean meaning NO bycatch or discards. The recreational sector has increased their take by a multiplied factor of 16 since the recovery, while commercials have been limited to a hard TAC annually since then.
The recreational hooking mortality is only 20,000 fish less than the total coastwide commercial catch. That is a lot of wasted fish that, for some reason (economics ?) noone wants to address ! If we all are making so much money on the recreational targeting (exploitation) of stripers, are we not "commercial" too ?