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: Ammendment 6 Issue # 2

04-26-2000, 04:32 PM
I hope to discuss here the options on the issues of the two size limit managment system.
I believe there should be two size limits for the producer and coastal states. I believe that it should be the same size for all producer states and the same size for all coastal states.(for enforcement resons) I believe it should be more protective than the current maximum sustainable yield managment we currently have.
I don't believe that increasing the size limit will increase hook mortlity as much as some claim. Most fishermen will put one in the box and continue fishing anyway. It makes no difference if the fish goes in the box in the morning of the trip or the afternoon of the trip. They still are going to fish the whole tide or duration that they planned.
Your thoughts ??


04-28-2000, 01:29 PM
I agree with the one size for producer and one size for coastal with the one fish per person actively fishing. The latter stipulation will eliminate packing the boat with non-fishers just to get more fish. There would have to be alot more enforcment than there is now, especially along the coast. ronl

04-28-2000, 02:29 PM
Bruce and Ron - you make good points. If someone gets into a keeper at first light, they are not currently prohibited from continuing fishing like in other states (salmon out west, etc). The argument that it may take more 'shorts' to get to the fish may be true, but would apply as you say Bruce only if they acually stopped fishing once they caught it. Most people just go fish for the duration they hoped to fish. C&R mortality in my opinion is a minor factor for those who are careful about their practices, but those who use three sets of barbed trebles and drag the schoolies onto barnacle covered jetties to wrestle the hooks from the face of the poor juvenile bass are having a big impact.

I may be way out of line here but as catchable as stripers are, I would even support more tightly constrained angling practices like bait w/ regulated circle hooks only, and single hook only for plugs, etc.

I fish all my flies barbless and don't have any problem having a great time each and every season. When we release fish alongside while wading thigh-deep, minimizing the amount we touch the fish, and by inverting a barbless fly - the fish shoots off into the depths like a rocket. After several minutes of someone digging out a sea worm hook from a fish's gullet on a high jetty top, he doesn't stand a chance.

There's a lot we can do to improve survivability and lowering the limit size isn't one of them.


04-29-2000, 06:56 AM
I sent a letter to Robert Beal asking specifically for him to address hooking mortality with the circles for bait and the singles for plugs recommendation. Yes, I also believe it is a desperate measure. I also feel that the huge amount of money generated by the fishery is influencing management to be less than aggressive in their recommendations.
I hope many do write letters to the plan coordinator before the end of May deadline. It is our fishery - we have the opportunity to give input now.

04-29-2000, 07:11 AM
My previous posted reply is addressing Issue # 7 more than # 2. I have'nt listed that topic as yet but will.
I would like to know if we should be asking for a size limit increase for the producer states ? The majority of fish landed in the cheasapeak region are 19"- 20" in length.
A size increase from 18"- 24" down there will reduce the recreational harvest about 75%. I feel that some increase is in order but I'm not sure what the compromise (21 " - 22" ?) should be.
I am uncomfortable with the PID language at the bottom of pg. 7 and top of pg. 8 as it references concerns of the commerce of the recreational fishery. I thought they were charged with the managment of the stock - not the economy.