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: Ammend 6 Issue # 4 - Management reference points

04-27-2000, 06:26 AM
Currently our ASMFC managment is using maximum sustainable yeild for its overfishing definition. Lately some have complained of a lack of larger fish. This is your opportunity to suggest alternative managment ideas to the ASMFC. What thoughts might some of you have on this issue ?

04-27-2000, 02:50 PM
Bruce -

I've yet to download this but I will when I get back on a high-speed line.

On topic - the concept of max sustainable yield is sound, but depends on what that yield level is set to; and depends on how that yield is distributed across multiple regions in a global sense (as opposed to the state / regional levels). Another factor would be how it is quantified and verified.

I feel the ratio of release to kill in MA needs to change in favor of C&R. I believe the percentage of stripers killed across the atlantic states is 30-35% in MA, the most of all states (I'll have to check the records to confirm).

Even with the slot limit in Maine, the harvest in Maine is a drop in the bucket compared to MA. I'll find that seaboard states comparison on striped bass harvest I am referring to and post a link.

04-27-2000, 06:20 PM
It would seem in order to have significant numbers of big fish you have to release big fish. To me there is no practical reason for keeping a 30 plus pound fish exept to show it off. If you put the limit up here in Mass between 34" and 42" or something like that and released all fish coast wide over 42" you would have the best of both worlds. Given the numbers and sophistication of todays fisherman I don't think many fish will be able to run the gauntlet for the twenty plus years it takes to reach 50 plus pounds.