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: This week in Rhody, July 4th

07-04-2007, 10:15 PM
Differential temperatures this week have had its effects on bay fishing. Striper fishing is good one day, dismal the next as the thermometer rises and falls. Just like a light switch, action can be on or off the whole day. Many believe that fishing the full moon tides during the day doesn’t help either. The large numerous stripers are moving to deeper water. Most of the bigger fish can be found on sonar in the East Passage off Sandy Point to the “T” Wharf along Prudence Island. Jigging and chunking in 75 feet of water produces with limited success.

There are still some isolated pods of bunker spread out throughout the bay. Many of the larger schools of pogies have vanished or have been fished out. Nothing seems to be bothering the ones that are left. The larger stripers we have caught on a fly this week have been over structure. Most of the fish have been on the lean side considering their long lengths. Lacks of oily bunker have forced them to search for bottom dwellers. Look around the mid bay island’s jetties and boulder fields for best success. A surface plug that walks the dog on morning tides with wake up the area rather quickly.

John Warakomski from upper New York State tantalizes this fish into submission on an olive and white pattern.