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: Pittsburgh NH report

07-02-2007, 05:31 AM
Hi folks,
It is Monday & I have just returned from a great week. As Flydoc says: "Fishing was good, catching was poor"

Never the less. It started out on the June 22nd with a trip to the Merrimack river( see post Merrimack river report in coastal game fish forum), then to Chatham for the BB day & Sunday on the flats with several forum members.

Monday Found the wife & I in Pittsburgh NH for the week for R&R, Kayaking and some trout fishing. Wifey does not like to fish the river so I did not spend too much time there, but what time I did spend was dismal at best. Below the Murphy Dam I could not buy a strike anywhere, even the places I usually drag a few out. I did manage to land a few rainbows up in the "Trophy Stretch" which has been picked over pretty hard. A gal I know & trust on such matters says the river has been fished hard for the past few weeks and the paths along the banks did seem well used.

The ponds were not fishing well either in my opinion, The wind was howling ( as usual) making it hard to see rising trout on the surface & the brookies did not seem to respond to well to streamers either.

The bright spot of the trip was at a place we know of where the water is calm & protected & the brookies are hungry but small. 8 inches is a monster back in there. Pam caught her first fly rod fish & several more that afternoon. She was happy and so was I. Catching trout on small drys is always fun.

Friday we packed up & headed for Casco Bay to meet up with my parents at a friends home in Falmouth ME.

It is back to work now. I am broke:D

I will try to post some pics that have been resized with the free resizer that juro says will work now.

Casco bay at night, the view from our friends front door Town Landing, Falmouth Maine

07-02-2007, 05:40 AM
Here is the wife & her first flyrod fish. average size brookie for the back country stream.


Juro, I took this pic at 640 x480, 155kb, I resized it with the resizer and it was still too large@ 70kb. so it would not post even after resizing. Just so you know.

The Casco Bay photo above was a 1728x1125 @ 728 Kb it resized just fine to 29.5 kb.

Sean Juan
07-02-2007, 01:15 PM
Hey I was in Pittsburg with my wife last week too - green tundra orange SOT on top.

Below Murphy Dam caught a ton of salmon - but only on one fly a Karma-Sutra-Ducer and the biggest fish was a huge 9 inches - still fun to watch them jump.

My wife actually loves dry fly fishing and we did very well in the obvious place below 1st CT dam - seems half the population of the town was fishing there.

I couldn't buy a bite in the lakes (except Scott Bog) still one of the prettiest places I've ever been.

07-02-2007, 02:19 PM
I was also in Pittsburg last week, and to be honest it was the most crowded that I have ever seen it. We fished Monday in the Trophy section, and caught and released many of the "Chamber of Commerce" fish. We decided to head to Errol on Tuesday and happened to hit the Alder Fly hatch perfectly.

Spent the rest of the week fishing the Androscoggin with virtually no company (except the guys I was with and the occasional tuber) and plenty of eager fish rising to dries all day. Caught plenty of Browns, brookies, and too many salmon to count. We never made it back to the Connecticut, and to be honest I didn't really miss it much.

Another nice thing about the Andro... Canadien women + Inner Tubes + Rapids = :whoa:

07-02-2007, 03:49 PM
Hey I was in Pittsburg with my wife last week too - green tundra orange SOT on top.

Darn Sean, I would have tried to hook up with you had I known:D I had a red Avalanche with two Pungo's on top. Was staying at the Spruce cone motel. I probably saw your truck & did not even take notice.

Drats, I almost launched in Scott's bog too, But was hampered by thunder on Thursday, wifey said No F---- way buddy:tsk_tsk: . Both East Inlet & Scott's Bog are indeed beautiful spots.

Jmorrison518, while we were on our way down Rt 26 to Maine I told the wife we were gonna investigate the Errol side of the world next year. Sounds & looks like a good place to explore. I did notice that Pittsburgh was real crowded too. There really is a lot of water to explore up that a way

07-03-2007, 08:25 AM
Another place to fish that we have had great luck in years past is Bridge St. in Colebrook. We have fished the pool just above the bridge and done real well for an hour or so before dark, all the way up until you can't see anymore, but are using the "force" to sense strikes.

If you take bridge street, there is a parking area on the left just before you get to the bridge. Just be careful that you take the dirt road, and not the paved one off of Bridge street, as there is about a 3 foot dropoff at the end of the paved one. That would make for an interesting evening...

You can see the parking area to the left in this aerial shot. Fishing is great from the bridge, all the way up to the point that the river splits. The river gets real muddy above that, but if you are careful walking, you can tag some eager brook trout there as well.

The State Line is the western side of the river, so make sure you stay over on the east bank unless you have a VT license as well.


Here is the Google Maps link...


Sean Juan
07-03-2007, 02:48 PM
That was my 4th year up there and definitely the busiest - was it just me or it it seem like the whole town was for sale too?

Hope it doesn't become like Lakes region...

07-03-2007, 04:46 PM
I have been going up there for about ten years now and noticed more & more large houses being built up on the high ground & mountain sides. Hardly a camp in my view. I think Pittsburgh very well may become a mini lakes region........unfortunately.

There was quite a few places for sale now that you mention it. Who Knows what is going to happen. I'll keep going up until either the fishing really sucks bad or national motel chains start building.:mad: