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: Aerials link (URL)?

06-06-2000, 03:44 PM
Anyone have the aerial imagery URL (MIT or NOAA, etc)? I want to visually inspect the extent of the flats at Powder Hole (South Monomoy Island).

thanks in advance,

Jay C.
06-06-2000, 04:20 PM

Jay C.

06-06-2000, 04:57 PM
Thanks Jay - lost my bookmarks recently, along with a few other things!

06-06-2000, 05:42 PM

I checked out the ariel maps of South Monomoy and it was tough to determine where the flats are.......from an old map I have, it appears that the flats around Hospital Pond and Inward Point seem to be the most expansive. Also, the channel that feeds Hospital Pond looks interesting in that it could provide access to larger fish to the flats from deeper water and conversly be an escape route for those same fish on a falling tide. The "BUT" is, who knows what the past storms have done to these channels and the flats and what they presently look like. Hopefully, you are better at using those ariels than I am !!


06-06-2000, 05:56 PM
The drop off is down at Powder Hole, a significant hike from Hospital. There is a flats / shoals / hole (powder hole) that looks real fishy to me, but is a far cry from the expansive common flats / north island flats.

I hope to fish the true flats experience on Sunday; but have been dying to do the south point shoreline experience for years!

Are you thinking the south island thing is not alltogether very interesting for Saturday?

06-07-2000, 08:55 AM
I was under the impression that those arial shots were only done once. That would make them years old and outdated for certain structure. And after last nights n'oreaster, things may be changed evan more!