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: Cloudveil Fishing on Sale

gus orviston
06-25-2007, 02:44 PM
Does anyone have any experience with the Cloudveil fishing line? I just got an email saying they are having a big 20-50% off sale this week at, and I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone that's used their stuff. Thanks!

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Happy Gilmore
06-25-2007, 04:57 PM
Spinner pants/shirts are awesome! I've not even fished in mine yet but worn them 60-80% of the days since I bought them 40 days ago. I was out in heavy rain with a hat only and didn't get wet at all. (it was a hot day and all others were in heavy construction slickers sweating a storm) Spinner shirt's like a very light jacket that I've actually had 'clothing' compliments on at work and I'm not into 'fashion'. It's just so comfortable and in our climate knowing you don't need a shell for a cloudburst etc is great. Nice to drive to work and return home not needing extra gear for varying weather. The windstopper in the spinner shirt works great and front snaps are simple and functional, eliminates need for typical heavier jacket since winds simply cut out.

Flatcreek jacket's been great as well, light fleece that I could wear sitting inside a house in a living room without steaming up or wear outside in varying temps etc. Exactly what I wanted. I use my Patagonia R4 for truly cold weather and flat creek for all else.

Items like the pants and shirt I end up wearing 80% as I'm inside and out/flying etc regularly (ie. high temperature and activity fluctations) and weather durable and highly breathable clothing is priceless and saves me packing the old typical alternatives.

(and their softshell (ie. could wear around) ski pants are awesome under breathables for winter warmth with their flex fabric like the spinner setups) I heard indirectly of issues on the crystal ck jackets with seams (construction that's not present on the items I own).

I'm sure other companies likely have same function garments, I'm primarily familiar with these and after enjoying the windstopper in my Patag. R4 I'll only get windstopper jackets - eliminates need for an extra layer often and just improves comfort so much.

(no assoc. with cloudveil)

PS, I also used some of their hot weather shirts (short and long sleeved) this past January in Eastern Caribean and was pleased (non staining/cool fabric).