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: Mexico fishing in Campeche & Xcalak

06-25-2007, 09:35 AM
This report is a little late , but here goes.
Fished in Campeche Mexico from May 22-25--four full days. This was a baby tarpon trip exclusively, though we did cast to some snook, and there are some smaller 'cuda around.
Of the four days, fishing one was excellent, and the other three were a bit on the slow side, though we did get tarpon everyday except one.
We got into some larger babies on some outside flats far from town--20-40 lbs, which was great fun. On these outside flats we had schools of fish rolling past us pretty regularly, and they were mostly all 20+ lbs, topping out at maybe 60.
Campeche is an awesome city, with lots to do for non-anglers (none in our group though)

After Campeche, we drove to Xcalak to spend a week at costa de cocos, where we met up with the rest of the group.
Fished for bones, permit, tarpon and barracuda. The bonefishing surprised me here--lots of fish--lots of shallow water opportunites and tailing fish--good numbers of 4-5 lb fish too. Lots of permit around, and two were caught while we were at the lodge--one being mine, which was caught wading on my own near the lodge after the guided day. I feel opportunities are there to catch more permit if one really focuses on them. I almost had the grand slam. Got the tarpon by 9:45 am, then went for permit. Got a bone while looking for permit, and had a permit eat the fly, but missed him. Had some more shots, but no eaters that day. I did get my permit the evening before, so some of the guests tried to tell me I had the slam because I got all three within 24 hours--but I declined--you must catch all three within the same fishing day.
There are tarpon here, and I got one during the week, and guests cast to many during the week and hooked a few. Lots of big 'cudas around too, and some snappers and jacks. Very cool place and I will return next year.
Pictures are at this link.


07-13-2007, 09:16 AM
Vince -

Those tarpon are the perfect size... cool stuff!